RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020

RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020

RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020

RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020

[You can also watch as David Gibbons shares the top 10 news stories of 2020 on video.]

No one could have imagined this time last year the state of the world we live in today? Indeed, we have witnessed changes that are tough and changes that are also good, if that can be believed.

RT published 2,866 news stories about office equipment and supplies in 5 languages during the year—in English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and in Arabic. The ten you clicked on the most during the year angered you, frustrated you and concerned you and your business.

RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020Starting at No 10 was the news that China is emerging from COVID-19 stronger and faster than any other country. The Chinese people have proven to be resilient and their ingenuity in a time of crisis has led them to develop entirely new operating models allowing some industries to boom. Three new free trade zones were opened, bringing the total to 21 in China as manufacturing revolutionises companies like Ninestar and Dinglong which are investing in bigger and smarter factories. ***

RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020Story No 9 was news that Print-Rite had launched the world’s first bio-based cartridge under the Pelikan brand that is compliant with tougher new environmental standards in Europe and North America.
Following ten years of research, the toner content has a bio ratio of 48 per cent and 57 per cent of the plastic cartridge contains bio-degradable organic material. ***

In at No 8 was news that HP had been accused of misleading consumers by failing to let them know its inkjet printers consume substantial amounts of color ink even if the printer is just printing black-and-white images and text.
The process, called underprinting, was not being shared at the time of sale and violates consumer rights and laws in California. ***

RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020Ninestar’s G&G brand was the first aftermarket supplies brand to provide printers and copiers. This was the 7th most popular story that most caught your attention in 2020.
Being part of the Ninestar group gives G&G access to experience and technologies from Pantum and Lexmark printers that are all made in Zhuhai China. ***

The 6th most clicked on news story related to the difficulties in finding workers, as well as increased labor costs caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus in China. Manufacturers of cartridge components in China announced price increases of at least 10 per cent. This meant that the cost of finished goods, both remanufactured, as well as new-build, also had to rise as well. ***

The 5th most viewed news story was about a brand new printer that was designed and developed in China capable of using original HP cartridges. As well as compatible and remanufactured supplies. Zonewin Technology Incorporated redesigned a robust 20-year-old HP printer with expired patents and added innovative technologies including wifi that can be used in MPS or small office environments.
This story caught so much attention from you that we ran a business tour to north-eastern China to take 30 aftermarket business leaders to inspect the printer factory and to explore new sales and business models. ***

Story No 4 was about the death of an OEM brand. The distribution of OKI branded printers will stop in America.In an announcement on its website on September 1, the printer OEM blamed the significant down turn in sales revenue upon the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic slowdown. ***

We have arrived at the top three stories of 2020.

No 3: Xerox moved back into using aftermarket supplies with its managed print services and it was revealed it would use toners sourced from Ninestar in China. Xerox is the largest MPS provider in America and a key player in Europe.
It quietly introduced its Everyday Toner program in 2020 which uses new-build compatible as well as remanufactured cartridges in the printers and copiers that it services. ***

Many of the RT Media team thought the second biggest story of the year would have been the biggest story of 2020. But it came in at No 2. Starting in March, just as millions of people all over the world were forced into lockdown in their homes, HP decided to send out firmware updates to their customer’s printers.

Aftermarket inks and toners stopped working as a result and consumers were forced to go and purchase brand new HP-branded supplies to get their printers working again.

It impacted children doing schoolwork and office workers trying to use their printers at home. Consumers were angry and took to social media to express their frustration.







Imaging associations including Europe’s ETIRA and the IITC argued we should be working together to keep at-home workers productive and safe. “HP ignored this,” said Tricia Judge. “Shame on HP.” ***

Top Story of the year:

Brought on by the huge consumer and industry backlash, HP decided to issue a warning on its website on August 26 that it would issue another update on December 1. Which it did.


RT Media Thanks its Global Audience

Those were the top 10 stories for the year. Thank you for supporting RT Media through our various channels: the TV News, the magazines—in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian—social media and our website.

We now have more readers visit our website, according to Alexa, and social media pages in 3 days than reading just one issue of our magazines. That’s more than 2,000 people every day. Thank you for helping to make our website the leading industry site in 2020.

RT Identifies Top 10 Stories That Got Your Attention in 2020

Your reading and viewing habits changed dramatically in 2020 so we will continue to make the adjustments to deliver you the content you want, when you want it, and where you want it. Online.



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