Cover photo: Deborah Hawkins

6 Signs of the Looming Evolution


Cover photo: Dr Ivan Rosales

Numerous global corporations have already made the strategic choice to transfer their manufacturing facilities to Mexico

Cover photo: Philip So.   Topics: Chips and Firmware Updates, and Lock Out Strategies; Why OEMs Need to Fight the Aftermarket; Intellectual Property Rights, Valid Patents, and Legal Battles; Trends in Market Shares for OEM and Third-Party Supplies, and more……

Cover photo: Graham Galliford.   Topics: Sourcing Quality Products in China at the Right Price; Free Trade Zones: Functions and Advantages for Value Chain Participants; The hidden cost in delivering non-infringing products.And more…

Cover photo: Staff celebrating Static Control’s 35th anniversary.   Topics: Static Control: Industry Champion. Static Control’s Passionate Vision for the Future.And more.

Cover photo: James Douglas talks about the importance of delivering an OEM experience with aftermarket ink products   Topics: Why Dyson failed with their electric car, hybrid working and its impact on the inkjet printer market. And more.

Issue 122: Turning 21 into 2021

Cover photo: Eric Zhang, General Manager of Print Consumables BU, Ninestar Corporation & Ninestar Image Tech Limited.   Topics: Added-value Opportunities, Back to the Future. And more.

Issue 121: Not All Chips Are Created Equal

Cover photo: Mao Mao, Zhono Product Manager   Topics: Chip Resetter Copes with Annoying
OEM Firmware Updates. Making Microchips IP Safe. And more…

Issue 120: Iconic Industry Pioneer Honored

Cover photo: Arnald Ho, Founding CEO of Print-Rite   Topics: Printing Supplies: The Milestone and Mileposts; Thank God for the Engineers Optimists and Innovators. And more…

Issue 119: Controlling Color, Components & Cartridge Technicians

Controlling Color, Components & Cartridge Technicians

Cover photo: STMC Trainer Coenie Greyling   Topics: Controlling Color, Components & Cartridge Technicians, Remanufacturing High-end Color Cartridges – A Lost Battle? And more…

Issue 118: Turing Green Into Gold

Cover photo: GM Technology’s Zoltan Matyas.   Topics:Turning GREEN Into GOLD, Selling the Benefits of Reman to Consumers—How It Has Changed Over 30 Years, and more…

Issue 117: Converting Smart Buyers into Loyal Customers

Cover photo: Vincent Chen, founding CEO of HYB.   Topics: The Lab that Converts Smart Buyers into Loyal Customers,HYB: The First Customer Choice for Copier Consumables, and more…

Issue 116: Delivering Tomorrow Today

Cover photo: Ray Stasieczko, CEO of TEASRA, The Innovation Channel LLC.   Topics: Ray Stasieczko warns status quo is killing us and we must embrace the future now, and more…

Issue 115: Industry Issues Solved Thanks to Partnerships

Cover photo: Eric Zhang, Ninestar Image’s new General Manager.   Topics: Armor’s chemists lead expansion into highly unusual and ecological businesses; Successfully piecing together the big picture and more.

Issue 114: Will the Home Office be the New Normal?

Cover photo: Enrique Stura, Measuring and Scientific Equipment Ltd Argentina.   Topics: Debate: Inkjet vs Laser Which Will Dominate the Home Office, New “Make-in-India”Policy, How Safe is Your Home Printer… and more.

Issue 113: Continuing to Set High Industry Standard

Cover photo: Chris Nichols, Static Control’s Product Development Manager.   Topics: Testing Cartridge Components and Meeting Standards, Trust—Looking for Products in China that Consistently Meet Standards, COVID-19: Accelerating Print Industry Transformation … and more.

Issue 112: Taking Remanufactured Up a Level

Cover photo: Jim Cerkleski, Clover Imaging CEO   Topics: The U.S. Department of Energy scores high with remanufactured cartridges; Debate: Are New Built Cartridges bad for the environment? How trade associations are promoting environmental benefits … and more.

Issue 111: Facing the Giants – Global CEOs Confront Issues

Cover photo: Global CEOs confront industry issues
Topics: Fear, uncertainty and doubt; Solid growth despite zero branding on social media; A focus on prices alone will bring doom; the future’s not easy – but not impossible; meet SCC’s Juan Carlos Bonell … and more.

Issue 110: The Ladies of Liberty Laser

RT Imaging World magazine September 2019 rtmworld Liberty Laser

Cover photo: Liberty’s Mindy Smith handling larger volumes
Topics: The truth about toxic decaBDE’s, Update on Trump’s Tariffs on Chinese cartridges, printer trends in key global markets, MPS and the cloud …and more.

Issue 109: Firmware Threat – Bold and Vicious

109 cover

Cover photo: Frustrated because your aftermarket cartridge won’t work?
Topics: Firmware threats from OEMs, Pantum makes it easier to become an OEM distributor, remanufactured printers, China printer security issues …and more.

Issue 108: Doing Business with China

Cover photo: Thousands on cartridge assembly lines in China. Topics: Questioning Product Quality, Quality of Toners Examined, China’s History of Innovation, Sino-American Cartridge Industry—Strange Bedfellows… and more

Issue 107: The Role of Your Trade Association

Cover photo: Gustavo Molinatti Targeting LATAM. Topics: Japanese Manufacturers Survive and Thrive, Celebrating Reman Day April 11, The Imaging Channel Needing Diversification, Research on the Future of Office Print … and more

Issue 106: LMI—The Phoenix Rising

Front cover: LMI’s Annie and Kevin Willert on Fire. Topics: On Fire for LMI, Growing Mito, Sales Programs and Instant Coffee, Staying Relevant in the Age of Digitization, A Printer Story, The Power of LinkedIn, Berto … and more

Issue 105: New Leadership at SCC

Front Cover: SCC’s New CEO, Ken Lalley’s plans to move forward. Topics: The Debate over remans and NBCs, Issues of printing quality and information safety, Predictions for consolidation in 2019, Berto, Mike Josiah’s Tech•Zone … and more.

Issue 104: Chinese Company Acquired

rtmworld Brazil company acquires Chinese company

Front Cover: Brazilian Rodolfo Boas acquires a Chinese company. Topics: Summit in the Desert Discusses Market Shifts, Will Canon Strike Again? Is Email Marketing Dead? Reviewing RemaxWorld … and more

Issue 103: Better Quality Is No Accident

Front Cover: Ninestar’s Jason Wang claims automation is reforming the industry. Topics: Killer Chips, Niche Markets, Adapt and Reinvent Or Slowly Dying, Email is Dead? Tech•Zone, regular columnists… and more

Issue 102: Offering Customers More

Front Cover: Anno‘s Hong Pan Talks About Commitment. Topics: Toner Manufacturing: Changing and Challenging, Channels and Distributors are Changing Too, Are Printers a Hacker’s Gateway? … and more

Issue 101: Printing On Glass, Plastics…

Front Cover: Egypt‘s Dr George Nubar Explains Digital Printing. Topics: Blame the Internet for Our Industry’s Poor Record, The Future: What I Know For Sure, Technical Challenges We Have Faced For 30 Years… and more

Issue 100: Educating, Informing & Nurturing

Front Cover: RT Media Director Sabrina Lo Celebrates 100th Edition. Topics: Blame the Internet for Our Industry’s Poor Record, The Future: What I Know For Sure, Technical Challenges We Have Faced For 30 Years… and more