Three Top Trends Impacting Supplies

New build compatible (NBC) toner and ink cartridges are expected to increase their market share around the world, to the detriment of OEM and remanufactured cartridges.

The Future of Office Print

Each year, Keypoint Intelligence surveys companies on different aspects of printing and document management, seeking insight into how document technology ties into their larger company and IT strategies.
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Time to Change? A Niche Market Solution May Be the Way

The Oxford Dictionary defines a niche as “a specialized but profitable corner of the market.”
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Adapting and Re-Inventing the Imaging Industry

The strong will adapt and re-invent to grow into untapped markets whereas the weak will slowly die out.

Are Acquisitions the Feel-good Drug in a Declining Market?

“Caution: the noise and excitement of chasing revenue can deafen the cries to control cost.”

Global Hardware Trends Have Implications for Supplies Aftermarket

There is a general shift away from printers for desktop and/or personal use, whether in the home or in the office, toward shared devices offering richer feature sets.