The Ladies of Liberty Laser rtmworld

The Ladies of Liberty Laser

Liberty Laser is an all-American remanufacturer for the quality cartridge business. Liberty ladies focus on the quality remanufacturing laser business model all the time.
A New Start for Chinese Printing rtmworld

A New Start for Chinese Printing

2019 could become a memorial year because it marks a new start for China dominance in printing. Maybe it should be named the “First Year of the Chinese Printer.”
Trump Tariffs on Imaging Consumables rtmworld

The Trump Tariffs on Imaging Consumables

Trump tariffs on imaging consumables have been aggressive in an attempt to obtain concessions with China over non-trade-related policy issues.
OEM-level respect with remanufactured printers rtmworld

Getting OEM-Level Respect with Remanufactured Printers

Depot International produces 30,000 subassemblies per month and has 2,000 printers in stock at any time.
Russians Set New Standards rtmworld

Printer Cartridges: New Standards set by Russians

The newly established Laboratory of Electrography will apply rigorous testing of printer cartridges help to consumers in the Russian market make a right choice and to prevent unscrupulous players, who think quality is an abstract marketing concept from entering the market.
Weisler check Icahn rtmworld HP Xerox

When Will Dion Write the Check to Carl?

With all of the recent strategic developments between Xerox and HP, one could easily conclude they will soon share boardrooms.
printer gateway rtmworld

What every business should be doing to protect their data from the printer gateway

Most modern printers and copiers are like little computers now-days. This allows them to temporarily or even permanently store data on them.
firmware upgrade rtmworld

Firmware Updates: Putting the OEMs on Notice About Going Too Far in the Battle With the Aftermarket

Printer firmware updates to lock out existing aftermarket cartridges inside their customers’ printers.
firmware threart rtmworld

Firmware Threat Grows More Bold and Vicious

Consumers and the aftermarket are now confronting a very blatant attack from HP.
printer security rtmworld

Security Printing: new technologies in the printing industry

Security printing does not refer to a separate printing technology but rather to an application or mixture of conventional printing technologies.