The Summit in Chicago rtmworld

Remanufacturers Hold Summit in Chicago

Members of the International Imaging Technology Council Int’l ITC gathered together for a strategic summit on July 31 in Chicago. The meeting was attended by 20 people representing 13 of the most well-known remanufacturers and imaging supplies dealers in the U.S.
The Ladies of Liberty Laser rtmworld

The Ladies of Liberty Laser

Liberty Laser is an all-American remanufacturer for the quality cartridge business. Liberty ladies focus on the quality remanufacturing laser business model all the time.

Visiting the Expo: What new experiences you can expect

Visting expo with new experiences! The best place to see all this in action is at RemaxWorld Expo this October. We are already looking at 2020. Some say we need to have 20-20 vision to see clearly in order to survive. An expo visiting with new experience will better equip you with a 20-20 vision.
Acceleration of MPS and Cloud rtmworld

Acceleration of MPS and Cloud -impacting transactional sales

Imagine one model that delivers full end-to-end solutions from a single provider for all assets, with just one point of contact. This is DaaS. It is a new procurement strategy that combines device leasing and managed services into a single predictable monthly payment with one provider.
OEM-level respect with remanufactured printers rtmworld

Getting OEM-Level Respect with Remanufactured Printers

Depot International produces 30,000 subassemblies per month and has 2,000 printers in stock at any time.
pantum printer rtmworld

Making It Easy to be an OEM Distributor: Pantum releases its innovative printer business model

Pantum has developed a perfect industry chain including the consumables, integrated circuits, the printers themselves.
china inventions rtmworld

China’s Long History of Innovation Leadership

China achieved in a decade what it took the British 150 years to accomplish to bring people out of abject poverty—it hasn’t happened by chance.
Mark Pinner Cartridge World China Quality rtmworld

The Search for Consistent Quality in China

Cartridge World’s Mark Pinner share his experiences in dealing with the Chinese

Targeting Latin America

The three most important markets in Latin America for imaging supplies are still Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, with the latter going through some economic difficulties that may be temporarily distorting some of their consumption values.

The Imaging Channel is Not Alone in Needing Diversification

Over the last few years, we have all seen extensive M&A activity throughout the imaging channel. Sometimes I think there is more revenue generated by the acquisitions than sales made of print products to end-users.