How to Compete with OEM Inktank and Bulk Inks

How to Compete with OEM Inktank and Bulk Inks

How to Compete with OEM Inktank and Bulk Inks

How to Compete with OEM Inktank and Bulk InksAccording to IDC, ink tank printer shipments exceeded 9.53 million units in the first half of 2021, up 43.96% year-over-year.

Epson alone shipped 6.12 million ink tank printers in the period, accounting for 64.17% of the overall ink tank printer shipments.

Looking at this trend, the use of ink tanks has become the main contributor to the success of inkjet printer technologies and growth will continue in the future.

To this end, the demand for refillable inks will also grow accordingly. It is a welcoming opportunity as well as a challenge to aftermarket ink manufacturers.

Why? The aftermarket ink manufacturers must compete with the OEMs to provide good quality refillable inks at a competitive price. That means ink manufacturers will have to manage to deliver OEM-equivalent printing quality while controlling costs.

It requires years of expertise in the management of raw materials and the development of formulas. OEMs patent the design of their bottles as well. So, the fear of bottle design infringement is another concern that has to be addressed by aftermarket ink manufacturers. It requires innovative workaround solutions to be developed to avoid infringement.

As a professional manufacturer of compatible ink cartridges with more than 25 year’s industrial experience, InkTank has researched and developed its own unique secrets to offer OEM-equivalent refillable inks. Based on adequate testing verifications, a good manufacturer, such as Ink-Tank, will use different ink formulas for different products to make sure inks can perfectly match the printers in which they will be used.

This strategy also promises end-users a positive printing experience with good printing quality and a prolonged lifetime for the printheads. Utilizing excellent raw materials, colorants and piezo technology, such as those used by Ink-Tank, refillable inks are able to print at a resolution of 5760 dpi, which fully restores the true color of the object, delivering OEM-equivalent prints.

In addition, InkTank’s inks are filtered through 1um, 0.5um and 0.2um three-stage filters. Such fine ink cannot only reduce the damage to the printhead but also effectively protect the printhead from clogging. To avoid patent infringement, InkTank utilizes self-patented cylindrical ink nozzles, which can make full use of inks without any ink leakage or jamming. Adopting an integrated bottle design, its ink bottles can directly eliminate ink leakage at the connection point of each part. ■

* The content for this article was kindly provided by InkTank, a professional ink manufacturing company based in Guangdong, China. If you are interested to connect with InkTank, please contact or make an appointment with the company on the Find-A-Supplier Platform Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Printing Technology Co., Ltd

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