Cchanging a printer cartridge Berto rtmworld

Changing a Printer Cartridge – the intern lends a hand

If you need something done as simple as changing the office printer cartridge, many ask a young person who's not afraid to lend a hand with technical tasks.

Meeting the Market’s Changing Demands

Static Control’s Juan Carlos Bonell and the evolution of customer demands

Dealing with Printer Firmware Upgrades

Wang Hua, the CEO of Megain, provides an alternative stable solution

Building an Exemplary Customer Experience

RT ImagingWorld magazine publisher, David Gibbons, caught up with LD Products’ founding CEO, Aaron Leon

Battling Totally Deficient Products Entering the Market

RT Media’s Latin American event partner and editor, Gustavo Molinatti, caught up with José Agüero, CEO of SAC Telecommunications Providers in Peru.

Our Future is in the Trash (and in the Service)

The printing industry is going through a period of steep and scary changes.

Disruption Brings Thunder Down Under

Peter Mitropoulos (pictured) is the “new kid on the block.” That’s not to say he’s naive as a businessman.

Fujifilm Holdings and Fuji Xerox Abandoned Legal Fight, Epson Declines

On November 5 Fujifilm Holdings and its Fuji Xerox subsidiary abandoned the legal fight related to a 2018 proposed merger with Xerox.
My Freshly Printed FingerNails Berto rtmworld cartoon

My Freshly Printed FingerNails – Berto Finds New Printers

My freshly printed fingerNails. A range of new unique printing devices are being developed in China, as Berto found at RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai.
Facts Right in Compatibles White Paper rtmworld Charles Brewer

Facts Right in Compatibles White Paper

The published Actionable Intelligence white paper on the legitimacy of premium compatibles gets its facts right and vindicates what many have known for years.