Berto Discovers Ink is as Valuable as Gold or Oil

Berto Discovers Ink is as Valuable as Gold or Oil

Berto Discovers Ink is as Valuable as Gold or Oil

Printer inkjet inks are notoriously expensive, often rivaling or surpassing the cost of other valuable fluids.

On a gram-per-gram basis, inkjet ink can be pricier than many luxury items, including high-end perfumes and vintage wines.

While crude oil is a significant economic commodity, its cost per liter pales compared to inkjet ink. The specialized formulation of printer ink, which includes precise blends of pigments, dyes, and stabilizers, contributes to its high cost.

Additionally, the proprietary nature of ink cartridges and the research and development involved in ensuring quality and compatibility with various printers drive prices even higher.

In some cases, printer ink can exceed the cost of human blood or even certain types of liquid gold used in electronics and fine jewelry. This stark price difference highlights inkjet ink’s unique and valuable nature in the modern market.

That’s why Berto has had some fun with this one this month…

Berto Discovers Ink is as Valuable as Gold or Oil

Tall tale? Or true?
Our resident cartoonist, Berto, has also spent years chasing the dream of striking it rich with oil.
His modest oil rig in the heart of the desert was his pride and joy, the culmination of countless hours of labor and investment. Berto’s belief in hidden treasures was as vast as the desert sands.

One scorching afternoon, Berto was working on the rig when, with a sputter and a gurgle, a black substance began to ooze from the ground. Berto’s heart raced. “Finally,” he thought, “I’ve struck oil!”

The substance flowed steadily, and Berto quickly gathered samples, marveling at his apparent fortune. He rushed to his small workshop, eager to test the liquid and confirm his discovery. His excitement was palpable; his hands trembled as he conducted the tests.

But as the results came in, Berto’s excitement turned to confusion. The liquid was black, yes, but it wasn’t crude oil. It was thicker and smoother and left an unmistakable residue on his hands. Perplexed, he sought the advice of a local chemist who owed him a favor.

After a series of tests, the chemist looked at Berto with astonishment. “Berto, this isn’t oil. This is high-quality printer ink!”

Berto was dumbfounded. Printer ink? How could this be? Disappointment threatened to engulf him, but the chemist’s next words sparked a glimmer of hope. “Berto, do you realize what this means? High-quality printer ink is incredibly valuable, sometimes even more than oil or gold in today’s market.”

Intrigued and hopeful once again, Berto began researching the global demand for printer ink. He discovered that it was indeed a lucrative market, essential for businesses, schools, and homes worldwide. The demand for high-quality ink was insatiable, and Berto had an abundant supply right beneath his feet.

Word of his unique find spread quickly, and soon, Berto was shipping his ink to buyers across the globe.

Berto’s printer ink became renowned for its quality, and his small operation grew into a thriving business. He learned that sometimes, the true treasures of the earth come in the most unexpected forms. And in his case, liquid gold was not the oil he had sought, but the ink that flowed as smoothly as the dreams that had guided him.

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