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Facts Right in Compatibles White Paper

The published Actionable Intelligence white paper on the legitimacy of premium compatibles gets its facts right and vindicates what many have known for years.

What in the World is Going On!

What in the world IS going on? Progress. You cannot stop progress. Good for some, bad for others, but always an opportunity. Despite all the changes, threats and weak business models, the aftermarket has a chance to grow beyond the 25% market share it has now—and that’s exciting. I predict PSCs will win the day with high quality, endless availability, patent-safe confidence and at better pricing than the reman equivalent.
History of copying

Copulations: History of Copying

Copying existed long before digital printing and paved the way for the printing demand we see today.
Pigs Can Fly rtmworld

Pigs Can Fly – can you really believe everything you read?

Lying and cheating are considered to be socially acceptable means to get to the top—so long as you don’t get caught!

Online Sales Outlook for Australia Market

Online sales have infiltrated the consumables business at a slow pace in the Australian market; the launch of online sellers turned out to be underwhelming.

Ostriches: Pull Your Head Out

Lift your heads and see what is really going on: many patent-safe compatibles are legitimate, have better quality and provide greater profits!

Desperate Times Give Way to Lies and Fake News

Cheaper non-infringing New built compatible cartridges could see the Aftermarket double in size.
peanuts plane service rtmworld

Where’s the Peanuts?

Customer service is how you retain customers.

Is there a future for Remanufacturing?

Customers may buy on price but they come back because of quality.

Girls, Girls, Girls.

There is nothing a girl, I should say woman, cannot do.