Thousands Look for Long Term Relationships

Thousands of buyers white paper RemaxWorld expo rtmworld

Something was noticeably different. Exhibitors noted there was a strong swing on the part of visitors towards forming relationships, at the October 2018 RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai China, rather than buying on price alone.

Aftermarket Chips for Brother Inkjet Printers

The OEM’s new series of inkjet printers contain a cartridge authentication function that can let customers know whether the ink cartridge installed is a Brother branded ink cartridge or an ink cartridge manufactured by others.

Can We Get Rid of the Clone?

Getting Rid of the Clone white paper rtmworld

—a deliberate strategy is being propagated that impacts many legitimate aftermarket companies. It is entirely wrong, unjust, damaging and discriminatory. It must be stopped. It centers on the use of the word clone.

HP Urges Global AfterMarket to Comply

HP Urges Aftermarket Remax World Expo rtmworld whitepaper

—It’s the first time any OEM has engaged first hand with the after-market industry on how to resolve differences over brand recognition and intellectual property. HP spoke to the industry first at RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai China