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kyocera recall rtmworld

Kyocera China Recalls Copier Cassette

by Tequila Yan
Which series of machine is affected?
Berto counterfeit cartridge police caught crime rtmworld

Forbes Magazine Enters the Bowels of HP

by David Gibbons
New York-based Seth Porges explores the $3.5 billion global counterfeit cartridge racket
Volker Kappius delacamp rtmworld

Limited Life for Newbuilt Cartridges

by Volker Kappius
Delacamp's Volker Kappius warns NBCs are surfing an ebbing tide
rtmworld Hubei Dinglong President Shunquan Zhu

Hubei Dinglong Sets Higher Environmental Standard

by David Gibbons
The leading Chinese toner producer is setting a new environmental benchmark for other manufacturers to follow.

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firmware threart rtmworld

Firmware Threat Grows More Bold and Vicious

by Tricia Judge
Consumers and the aftermarket are now confronting a very blatant attack from HP.
printer security rtmworld

Security Printing

by George Simonian
Security printing does not refer to a separate printing technology but rather to an application or mixture of conventional printing technologies.
Vincent van Dijk ETIRA rtmworld

Association Grows its Influence through Green Initiatives in Europe

by Vincent van Dijk
ETIRA's 40-strong membership with a wide influence in central and western Europe goes into its annual meetings this week.
Chinese quality rtmworld

Headlines Questioning Chinese Product Quality are Likely to Continue

by Ian Elliott
If Chinese manufacturers wish to remove themselves as targets they must implement the processes and discipline necessary to achieve consistent quality performance.
china inventions rtmworld

China’s Long History of Innovation Leadership

by Steve Weedon
China achieved in a decade what it took the British 150 years to accomplish to bring people out of abject poverty—it hasn’t happened by chance.

Dealing with China: two leaders respond

by David Gibbons
HYB Toner's president Vincent Chen says trust is key; Apex's CTO Ding Li wants to take you on a field trip.
Mark Pinner Cartridge World China Quality rtmworld

The Search for Consistent Quality in China

by Mark Pinner
Cartridge World’s Mark Pinner share his experiences in dealing with the Chinese
Doing Business with china rtmworld Sino-USA

Strange Bedfellows Make Progress—the Sino-American cartridge industry

by Tricia Judge
The Int’l ITC reached out to its database to ask about the impact of Chinese companies and their products.
doctor molecular structure toner rtmworld

Examining the Quality of Toners

by Graham Galliford
There have been recent reports about the bad quality and health consequences of Chinese produced toner. Where does bad quality come from?

Dongle Gear Litigation Takes Intriguing Turn

by Tricia Judge
A critical order has been issued in the ongoing battle between…



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History of copying
History of copying

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