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Innovative Printers

Printer OEMs continue to add new functions to printers to meet the needs of consumers including scanning, duplexing, security and privacy and … driving to work while having breakfast!!??
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Enviro-friendly Toner

Being World Environment Day on June 5, I thought it would like to grow in this enviro-friendly toner instead.
90 percent never print from mobile phone printing rtmworld

Most Have Never Used Mobile Printing

Do you know how, or have you ever tried, to print from your mobile phone? Research reveals that up to 90 percent have never done it.
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Where is my Egg Roll?

Berto remembers when you would order out from your local US-Chinese takeaway and they would throw in a free egg roll

Spying on New Acquisitions

Berto's last laugh at acquisition.

OEM vs Aftermarket

The winner is ?
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How many of you are apply patents?
Technical white paper

Technical White Paper

Berto's last laugh at technical white paper.


Berto's last laugh at CISS.