Having perfect 20-20 vision Berto cartoon rtmworld

Having Perfect 20-20 Vision – Berto looks ahead to 2020

Despite the threats that may lurk behind us, having perfect 20-20 vision for 2020 will provide strategic opportunities for VIP buyers and suppliers in 2020.
Now Everyone is Being Chipped Berto cartoon rtmworld

Now Everyone is Being Chipped – Woof!

Humans microchip their pets, each other and printer cartridges to track them should they ever get lost—or is it for control? Now everyone is being chipped! Woof!
modern desktop printer innovations Berto Innovative Printers rtmworld

Modern Innovative Desktop Printers, Berto Takes a Poke

Printer OEMs continue to add new functions to printers to meet the needs of consumers including scanning, duplexing, security and privacy and … driving to work while having breakfast!!??
Doing Business With China Berto cartoon rtmworld China dragon

Doing Business With China – Where is my egg roll?

Berto remembers when you would order out from your local US-Chinese takeaway and they would throw in a free egg roll
Automated Offices Provide More Time Berto cartoon rtmworld

Automated Offices Provide More Time – Berto makes coffee

Some are thrilled about the convenience automated offices that provide more time for staff but most are cautious about its encroachment into our offices.
Benefits in Wearing Many Hats Berto cartoon rtmworld

Benefits in Wearing Many Hats – Berto piles them on

Wearing many hats isn't too hard to achieve when there are many benefits to be gained from being trade associations that can help grow your business.
Naughty or nice this year Berto rtmworld cartoon

Naughty or nice this year? Berto checks in with Santa

Berto checks in with Santa as he asks printer OEMs and the Aftermarket if they have been naughty or nice this year and if they have been "playing nicely in the playground" together.