Is Working from Home More Productive? Berto’s Not So Sure

Is working from home more productive? Research reveals it can be depending on how well set up you are to deal with distractions. Berto is not so sure.
Coronavirus blows up in his face rtmworld

Coronavirus Blows Up in His Face – Berto’s cheap cartridges

Coronavirus blows up in his face - no it's just toner and Berto ought to stop using cheap cartridges that lack quality and production standards.

Berto Dons a Face Mask to Beat Coronavirus and Toner Dust

Popular RT Imaging World cartoonist, Berto, puts on a face mask in the printer cartridge factory to beat the coronavirus and toner dust.
best way Go green Berto rtmworld

The Best Way to Go Green – Berto saves the environment

The definition of going green varies from one person to another depending on the level and extent to which they wish to care for the environment.
Xerox Makes Hostile Bid Berto rtmworld Xerox Invented the Darn Thing

Xerox Invented the Darn Thing – Starkweather Remembered

Xerox invented the darn thing. Berto remembers Gary Starkweather who invented the laser printer at Xerox and the news that Xerox is bidding for HP.
Changing a printer cartridge Berto rtmworld

Changing a Printer Cartridge – the intern lends a hand

If you need something done as simple as changing the office printer cartridge, many ask a young person who's not afraid to lend a hand with technical tasks.
My Freshly Printed FingerNails Berto rtmworld cartoon

My Freshly Printed FingerNails – Berto Finds New Printers

My freshly printed fingerNails. A range of new unique printing devices are being developed in China, as Berto found at RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai.
Having perfect 20-20 vision Berto cartoon rtmworld

Having Perfect 20-20 Vision – Berto looks ahead to 2020

Despite the threats that may lurk behind us, having perfect 20-20 vision for 2020 will provide strategic opportunities for VIP buyers and suppliers in 2020.
Now Everyone is Being Chipped Berto cartoon rtmworld

Now Everyone is Being Chipped – Woof!

Humans microchip their pets, each other and printer cartridges to track them should they ever get lost—or is it for control? Now everyone is being chipped! Woof!