Berto Sighs: Despite Everything It Just Ran Out of Paper

Berto Sighs: Despite Everything It Just Ran Out of Paper

Berto Sighs: Despite Everything It Just Ran Out of Paper

When an office printer doesn’t perform its job, it’s easy to feel frustrated. RTMworld’s resident cartoonist, Berto, flipped out after a repairer dived into the office printer to find out why it wasn’t working.

Surrounded by tangled wires and scattered parts, staff watched on in disbelief. After what seemed like an eternity, the repairer admitted defeat. With a sheepish grin, he announced the printer wasn’t broken; it was simply out of paper.

I hope you can see the funny side after what had probably been a very tense moment.

Berto Sighs: Despite Everything It Just Ran Out of Paper

I think we have all had an experience when office equipment breaks down. Maybe it is the copier, the printer, or the microwave in the staffroom. In any case, it’s met with a high degree of frustration. The obvious solution is to call in the technical repairer, the wire wizards and malfunction troubleshooters. However, it can become even more exasperating when these experts fail to swiftly identify and rectify the problem.

There are some printer problems you can fix yourself.

If you are using a repairer, one source of frustration is that person’s inability to accurately diagnose the fault. Despite being the “expert in the room,” some repairers struggle to pinpoint the problem. They spend a lot of time tinkering with the equipment, replacing parts, or running tests that deliver no meaningful results. This can lead to significant office downtime, disrupt workflow, and impede productivity.

Sometimes, there can be a communication barrier between the repairer and the office staff. Technical jargon often gets used, adding to further confusion and leaving non-technical employees feeling alienated and uninformed. When asked about the status of the repair, the response might be filled with complex words and terminology. This leaves staff none the wiser about the actual problem or its resolution timeline.

Another frustration stems from the seemingly random or recurring nature of equipment breakdowns. The repairer may fix one issue only for another to appear shortly afterwards. The same problem may resurface despite them seeming to have solved it. This cycle of breakdowns and repairs creates a sense of unreliability around the office equipment, eroding trust in the machinery and the repair process.

Then there’s a financial strain associated with prolonged repair times. The equipment remains non-operational every hour, which means lost revenue and wasted resources. The longer it takes for the repairer to diagnose and fix the problem, the more expensive the exercise becomes.

Beyond the frustrations, there’s a broader concern about the repair service’s competence and accountability. When repeated visits fail to satisfactorily resolve the issue, doubts surface. This begs the question: Are they truly equipped to handle the complexities of modern office equipment, or are they merely applying trial and error?

Cartoon #131: Berto Sighs: Despite Everything It Just Ran Out of Paper

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