China's 144-hour Visa-free Policy Widely Welcomed

China’s 144-hour Visa-free Policy Widely Welcomed

China’s 144-hour Visa-free Policy Widely Welcomed

China's 144-hour Visa-free Policy Widely WelcomedChina launched a 144-hour visa-free policy for citizens of 54 relatively developed countries this year, which has been widely welcomed. This policy is intended to attract short-term tourists and business travelers, but it unexpectedly breaks the information cocoon shaped by Western media among Western people.

Nowadays, social media is flooded with travel videos of Westerners in China, mainly focused on the following 9 points:

  1. Public security in China is very good, and women can safely wander around at night. At Starbucks, customers can leave their laptops on the table for half an hour when they go to the restroom.
  2. Prices are cheap in China. The prices of various fruits or food in supermarkets are only a fraction of those in the West, and China’s medical services are also very cheap and efficient, without long waiting times or expensive bills.
  3. Chinese people are very friendly and polite. Many retired mothers dance in the park with smiles on their faces, and they seem to be quite happy. Clearly, they are not oppressed by the CPC government as the Western media portrays.
  4. The relationship between Chinese police and the public is different from that of Western police and the public. The US police are often fully armed, as if to engage in combat, while the Chinese police are more like public officials providing services.
  5. Chinese urban management is really good, clean, hygienic, and quiet. There are no homeless people on the streets, and there are sanitation workers who clean the city every day. In the West, this service is only available in rich private residential areas.
  6. Life in China is very convenient. Everyone is using WeChat payment or Alipay payment, and does not use cash at all. There are many kinds of takeout and they can be delivered quickly. Most importantly, there is no need to tip in China.
  7. China’s transportation is really developed. The subway is clean, hygienic, and affordable, with air conditioning everywhere. China’s high-speed rail is fast, very punctual, very smooth, and affordable.
  8. Toilets are free and everywhere, even the subway station has toilets, and free toilets are available in every corner of the city, very convenient and clean. No free toilet in Europe.
  9. China’s technological development is very advanced. They were surprised by those intelligent robots, autonomous vehicles, and so on.

Every Westerner who comes to China strongly condemns Western media for deceiving them

Every Westerner who comes to China strongly condemns Western media for deceiving them. Then they see a China that is completely different from what they had been instilled in, and this 144-hour visa was like a giant hammer smashing down a wall of Western false information about China.



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