Riding High on Patent Success

Front Cover: Recharging’s Story Book Hero Steve B. Michlin
Content: His 39 patented inventions solved many complex problems in the adoption of the electrophotographic process to laser printers and copiers.

Commemarating Art Diamond

Front Cover: Industry Leaders Commemorating Art Diamond
Content: Art Diamond’s legacy lives on. Industry leaders share their cherished memories with Art Diamond.

Print-Rite Pelikan Bio-based Printer Cartridge Set to Sizzle

Front Cover: Print-Rite Pelikan Bio-based Printer Cartridge Set to Sizzle
Content: A toner cartridge made from reusable bio-plastics with a bio-based toner made of 48 percent organic materials, certified by TUV bio-based standards. Lowering CO2 footprint, with all cartridge contents recoverable for reuse, but, if thrown away the cartridge plastics will start to decompose at 90-180 days at 60F and 90% humidity, with no loss or sacrifice, to print performance and is cheaper for the end-user than a new, original cartridge.

The Trump Tariffs on Imaging Consumables

Trump Tariffs on Imaging Consumables Blakeslee rtmworld
Front Cover: International Trade and IP Law Expert Merritt Blakeslee is watching closely
Content: For more than a year, the news about an end to the Sino-U.S. trade has fluctuated weekly, often daily, between optimism and pessimism, with a resolution one day imminent and the next remote. These tariffs presently impose additional duties on all imaging consumables and components imported into the United States from China.

Achieving Better Quality is No Accident

Front Cover: Ninestar’s Jason Wang says automation is reforming the manufacturing journey
Content: Ninestar has been celebrating its eighteenth birthday during 2018. Eighteen years is a short time in which to write a long history. However Ninestar has managed to write itself into the history books having created many milestones. The fact that so many have been created in such a short time is a marvel in itself.

World’s Largest Aftermarket Enters Internet Retailer Wholesale

Front Cover: LD Products’ CEO Aaron Leon shares how the Internet is transforming his business
Content: In October 2017, LD Products was presented with the 2017 Internet Leadership Award at the Remax Expo in Zhuhai, China. LD Products’ Founder and CEO Aaron Leon (pictured) shared that he was planning on launching a wholesale division into the imaging supplies reseller channel.

The ImagingWorld Magazine Arabic Edition #2

Front Cover: Printing on Wood, Glass, Fabrics, Metal …and Water
Content:What continues to surprise him most about digital printing is the print-on-demand concept where anyone can print at any time, at any place, on any day with any content. “The variable data capability, printing with variable content was not possible before digital printing. Today it is.”
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The ImagingWorld Magazine Arabic Edition #1

Front Cover: Egypt—Some Facts About this Important EMEA Market
Content:Of the 96.7 million people living in Egypt, most are under the age of 30. The country enjoys a US$1.063 trillion domestic economy (2016), with about 4% growth rate during 2017. Economists and observers agree that it could possibly grow to a 7% growth rate in the nextthree years.
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