RT Imaging VIP Expo—Americas 2020 (Argentina, Brazil, Peru)

Imaging Expos in Europe and Americas Postponed to 2021

RT VIP Imaging Expo events in Europe and Latin America must be postponed to 2021. As for the events in China and Africa in the second half of the year, we are hopeful we can still proceed. We will have to wait and see as we are all living in unprecedented times. Thank you for your support.


Event: RT Imaging VIP Expo—Americas 2020

July 3 · Buenos Aires, Argentina

July 7 · Sao Paulo, Brazil

July 10 · Lima, Peru

RT Imaging VIP Expo—Americas 2020 (Argentina, Brazil, Peru), organized by RT Media, is an upgraded event from the traditional exhibition style. It is a VIP, high-level professional gala event focusing upon the needs of the local markets in the Americas.

Professional buyers with the ability to import products from China, were able to obtain tickets or invitations to this in-depth, product revealing event. A ticket also allowed you to participate in an exceptional dinner with a keynote speaker which provided one-to-one business networking opportunities for professional suppliers and buyers.

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Gustavo Molinatti






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Victoria Zhao

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Amber Guan

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