Loaded with New Product Opportunities - Berto Heads Home

Loaded with New Product Opportunities – Berto Heads Home

Loaded with New Product Opportunities – Berto Heads Home

Loaded with New Product Opportunities - Berto Heads Home

Organisers of RemaxWorld are aware that thousands will have embarrassing moments as they check in at airports to return home after attending RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai China in October.

Berto has captured such a moment in his cartoon this month.

The exhibition hall resembled a chaotic bazaar as visitors scurried about, laden with samples that seemed to defy the laws of physics. One gentleman had somehow managed to stuff an exhibitor’s life-sized mascot into his bag, causing it to protrude like an unexpected hitchhiker on his shoulder. Nearby, a group of friends carried an assortment of items that included an inflatable penguin, a photocopier, and a box full of OPC drums with the label “FOR DISPLAY ONLY – DO NOT TAKE” still attached.

As visitors made their way from the exhibition to the airport, it was evident that the exhibition had transformed into a whimsical carnival of absurdity. One woman teetered under the weight of a stack of empty promotional cartrons that obscured her vision, turning her into a mobile production line with legs. Another adventurous soul had evidently mistaken the event for a grocery store, carting away armfuls of free energy drinks and snacks, a trail of crumpled snack wrappers left in their wake.

Amidst the chaos, others could be seen with show bags, and samples as they enthusiastically waved to others as if they were the champions of the exhibition.

As they exited the venue, laughter filled the air, and fellow attendees couldn’t help but applaud the creativity in sample acquisition. The visitors, now transformed into a merry band of merry misfits, shared stories of their loot and vowed to meet again at the next exhibition. With bags overflowing and spirits even higher, they headed home, leaving behind a trail of bewildered exhibition organizers who were left to wonder just how one acquires a giant inflatable robot in the first place.

Cartoon #126: Loaded with New Product Opportunities – Berto Heads Home

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