Top Imaging Supplies News Stories for March 2024

Top Imaging Supplies News Stories for March 2024

Top Imaging Supplies News Stories for March 2024

Top Imaging Supplies News Stories for March 2024The Top 3 Stories:

Brother invests in going digital, the US embargo on Ninestar to remain, and the EU to implement bans on forced labour supply chains. These are among the top news stories for the past month.

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Here are the Details:

Brother To Buy Up Roland DG Shares: Brother plans to shake up the printing industry by moving more intentionally into digital printing solutions. It will acquire shares of the Japanese-based Roland DG, expecting to acquire market-leading digital and inkjet printing solutions. Brother offers more than US$35 per share, well ahead of other market offers.

US Embargo Against Ninestar to Remain in Force for Now: The US International Court of International Trade in New York has ruled the embargo against Ninestar will remain in force … for now. Ninestar had applied for a preliminary injunction against the June 2023 ban on selling its products in the USA. The US government claims Ninestar has used forced labor to manufacture its products, a claim that Ninestar denies rigorously. The judge said there was no burden of proof required of the US government to give reasons for the ban, only a reasonable concern that there “may” be human rights abuses.

EU to Implement Bans on Products Made by Forced Labor: European companies selling products produced by forced labor must stop or risk being fined. If the EU Commission’s investigations find that forced labor was used, goods will be donated, recycled, or destroyed. Distributors of such products would have to prove that forced labour has been eliminated from their supply chains before they could sell the products again.

Emmy Award Nominee to Promote G&G in China: Talented Chinese actor Zhu Yawen has agreed to partner with G&G as its national brand ambassador in China. Zhu is well-known for his work in many films, TV series, and shows and was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2012 for his performance in the TV series, Flying Eagle.

Global Decline in Printer Shipments: According to IDC, global printer shipments declined in the fourth quarter of 2023. 21.1 million printers were distributed during the fourth quarter, a decrease of 15.5% compared to the same period last year.

Xerox Announces Business Sale in South America: Xerox will no longer sell its printers and supplies directly to end users in Argentina or Chile and has appointed Grupo Dacto to provide these services instead.

Live Webinars Provide Insights into Market Needs: Gustavo Molinatti ran live market insights webinars focusing on the Middle East and African markets ahead of RTMworld’s VIP Imaging Expos in April. He shared insights into shipping logistics, economics, politics, culture and product demands, having researched and analyzed data from customs and importing records.

China Updates Visa-free Policy for More European Countries: Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has expanded visa-free entry to travellers coming from Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg, following a previous decision to freely admit people from France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia.

New Product Releases: Several other stories that were clicked on the most this month include the launch of new Pantum A4 printers, Mito’s release of a new range of remanufactured cartridges for HP printers, a new range of chips from Zhono that can be used in FujiFilm printers and new compact multifunction printer from Canon.

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