Live Webinars Provide Insights and Dig Deep into Market Needs

Live Webinars Provide Insights and Dig Deep into Market Needs

Live Webinars Provide Insights and Dig Deep into Market Needs

Live Webinars Provide Insights and Dig Deep into Market NeedsRTMworld event partner Gustavo Molinatti has conducted two of three live market insights webinars focusing on the Middle East and African markets. The initiative, ahead of RTMworld’s VIP Imaging Expos in April, helps suppliers better understand the markets.

“We are about to break new ground in three key cities,” said Molinatti. “We will bring scores of suppliers into Lagos, Nigeria in Africa’s west, then cross over to Nairobi in Africa’s east, then head northeast to Dubai this April.”

Molinatti has shared insights into shipping logistics, economics, politics, and culture. He has been researching and analyzing data from customs and importing records and visited the regions in 2023 to meet with buyers, distributors, and event partners.

C-RT, the organizer, expects to introduce about 60 top suppliers to more than 150 big buyers from the three destinations, with some flying in from neighboring countries.

“The purpose of the one-day VIP Imaging Expo is to introduce big buyers to big suppliers,” added Molinatti. “These are busy people, so we have designed an intense one-day expo where they can meet up.” In preparation for the event, the suppliers participated in Molinatti’s video webinars to dive more deeply into what imaging products are in demand.

Molinatti has dedicated many months to researching and crafting these webinars to enhance the value for suppliers supporting this VIP event. “No one else in the industry provides market insights like this,” said David Gibbons, RTMworld’s International Communication Director and project manager of the RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo—MEA. “This unique and valuable resource can be provided to our exhibitors because of the huge investment Molinatti himself has made.”

Molinatti has successfully conducted webinars about Nigeria and Kenya. In late March, the third one will focus on the UAE and neighboring Arabic states. Because of the high level of content, the webinars are exclusively available to event participants.

The RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo is by invitation only. You must be an importer or professional buyer and distributor to obtain a free ticket to the event. Please contact: Gustavo Molinatti at <>.

Live Webinars Provide Insights and Dig Deep into Market Needs

If you want to attend the third online webinar, contact <>. To learn more about RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo 2024, click here.

Additional Market Insights, conducted live by Molinatti, will also be held ahead of the VIP Expos being held in the Americas in June.



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