RT VIP Imaging Expo——Americas

Webinars Prepare Suppliers to Meet Buyers in Latin America

Webinars Prepare Suppliers to Meet Buyers in Latin America


Which are the top 4 most populous countries in Latin America?

What are the top 4 gross domestic product markets in Latin America?

Which countries are the top 4 largest economies in Latin America?


To help suppliers better understand the markets, trends, and economies of Latin America, C-RT’s regional partner Gustavo Molinatti will conduct 4 exclusive webinars before the exhibitors travel to attend the RT VIP Imaging Expo—Americas. The event will be held in 4 cities between June 13 to June 24, 2023.

RT VIP Imaging Expo——Americas Returns in June

C-RT, the organizer, expects to introduce the top suppliers to 200 of the best buyers in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bogota (Columbia), and Mexico City (Mexico).

RT VIP Imaging Expo——Americas “Every country in Latin America is different from the one next door,” said Gustavo Molinatti (pictured right). “To not realize or understand this is a big mistake.”

Through the market insights webinars, Molinatti will also introduce:

  • The logistic conditions of the four countries (airports and seaports);
  • National market and main OEM brands in each of the four countries;
  • Industry segments in each of the four countries
  • Who are the big buyers and what they are looking for
  • Tips to contact buyers before arriving at the VIP Expo
  • Tips to get well-prepared for the VIP Expo

Two first webinars are scheduled in February and the other two in March.

The VIP Imaging Expo will be by invitation only. To get a free ticket to visit the event, please contact: Gustavo Molinatti at <gustavo.molinatti@rtmworld.com>

RT Imaging VIP Expo is an upgraded event from the traditional exhibition style. It is a VIP, high-level professional gala event focusing upon the needs of local markets. For more information, click here.



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