Xerox Announces Business Sale in South America

Xerox Announces Business Sale in South America

Xerox recently announced its transformation plan of corporate operations by selling its businesses in Argentina and Chile to Grupo Datco, a local network services provider in Latin America.

Xerox Announces Business Sale in South AmericaThe new companies will operate independently from Xerox as the ownership is transferred. Grupo Datco will have exclusive access to sales of Xerox devices as well as partnership with Xerox in Argentina and Chile. This cooperation will help Xerox elevate its brand image to a higher level across thee region, while turning Grupo Datco into one of the leaders in technology and communication businesses in Latin America.

John Bruno, president and chief operating offer of Xerox, believed this transition aligns Xerox’s Reinvention scheme to support its clients.. “Grupo Datco has a proven track record of providing clients the software and services they need to be successful, and we look forward to working alongside them as we transition our Argentina and Chile businesses to a partner-led model to support this effort.” He added, recognizing Grupo Datco’s accomplishments.

“We are proud to continue Xerox’s business management in Argentina and Chile,” Horacio Martínez, chief executive officer and founder of Grupo Datco, expressed his reciprocal anticipations for this partnership. “Grupo Datco’s ability to offer Xerox’s products and solutions in Argentina and Chile will generate new growth opportunities and a long-term business plan, with a priority being placed on preserving its talented workforce.”

Further information regarding financial settlements will be disclosed in the future.



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