Brother Announces Tender Offer of Roland DG

Brother Announces Tender Offer of Roland DG

Brother Announces Tender Offer of Roland DGBrother Industries Ltd. announced its plans to acquire shares of Roland DG Corporation, a Japanese company providing world-leading digital printing solutions.

The tender offer is scheduled to commence in mid-May 2024 once all conditions for the transaction are fulfilled smoothly, including compliance with domestic and foreign regulations, no adverse occurrence to both companies and failure of the tender offer by other possible offers. The proposed price of the tender offer is JPY ¥5200 (USD $35.17) per share. Notably, this offer is 165 yen higher than a previous one made by XYZ K.K.

The tender offer period is slated to last 30 business days, ensuring sufficient time for both the board of directors and shareholders to make the final decisions. Once the number of shares tendered reaches the target, an additional 10 days will be offered to eliminate any coercive pressure.

Brother has been engaged with joint development projects alongside Ronald DG, suggesting a partnership in progress. This strategic move reflects Brother’s determination to reshape the landscape of the printing industry, as well as to develop a diverse portfolio of businesses. By acquiring Roland DG, Brother expects to gain product development and sales synergies, especially in the printer market.

Roland DG is the world’s leading provider of digital printing solutions. The company’s inkjet printers are widely used to create a wide range of promotional items. Recently, Roland DG has embarked on a promising new digital transformation frontier. Brother’s aim aligns with Ronald DG’s transformation strategies, leading to this acquisition.



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