Not Everyone is Excited About Buffett's 11.4% Stake in HP, rtmworld

HP Seeks Business Lost to Cartridge Remanufacturers

Not Everyone is Excited About Buffett's 11.4% Stake in HP, rtmworldIn its latest eNewsletter, Hewlett Packard (HP) warns its customers remanufacturing is not recycling, sending a clear message to the aftermarket it wants to win back its lost print consumables business.

HP asserts remanufacturing is not recycling, as it can “create waste, drains resources and doesn’t provide an end-of-life solution.”
Further, the OEM states, “During the remanufacturing process, cartridges are pried apart and glued or clamped back together. Parts are reused or replaced with aftermarket components. The waste created during the remanufacturing process isn’t always responsibly recycled.”

The firm cites Spencer Lab testing which reports the use of remanufactured cartridges can also lead to wasted resources. It is claimed printing with HP original Laserjet toner cartridges needs fewer reprints. They say when using remanufactured and other non-HP cartridges, more than one out of three pages may need to be reprinted, which costs more paper, toner and energy.

Moreover, HP reports, “The remanufacturing process produces cartridges that are often used only once before ending up in a landfill,” adding, “nearly 90% of the ink and toner cartridges sold by remanufacturers surveyed will ultimately be thrown away” without any end-of-life solution.

In comparison, the OEM says its “closed loop” cartridge recycling process uses HP cartridge material recycled through HP Planet Partners as raw material to manufacture new original HP ink and toner cartridges, also, “any remaining material is disposed of or handled responsibly through energy recovery,” so by participating in HP’s recycling program, consumers can help reduce waste and keep cartridges out of the landfill.

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