Printer Security Trumped Berto cartoon rtmworld

Printer Security Trumped – Berto panicks

Printer Security Trumped – Berto panicks

Printer Security Trumped Berto cartoon rtmworld

Today’s security threat landscape is not a matter of IF, but WHEN you will be compromised.

To fully protect your organization, you need to incorporate risk management of every device in it. It is not just the servers, computers and other in-sight devices.

You just installed this new shiny printer/copier in your office. Some of that information may stay on the device for a while… Did you think about how to keep your business safe from possible data leak? Can someone see what you just printed if they gained control of your device? What happens to the left-over information once your MFP devices are taken back at the end of the lease? Those are the questions many should be asking and considering throughout the process of procuring and selling their devices. Many don’t realize that a printer could be a major risk to their business.

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Berto #65: June 5, 2018: Printer Security Trumped – Berto panicks

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