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Modern Innovative Desktop Printers, Berto Takes a Poke

Printer OEMs continue to add new functions to printers to meet the needs of consumers including scanning, duplexing, security and privacy and … driving to work while having breakfast!!??

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3D Printer Opportunities for Independent Resellers

IDC reports global spending on 3D printing will be $13.8 billion in 2019 representing an increase of 21% over 2018.

Think differently: what makes a good strategy

Until the strategies of dealer companies change, they will all be fighting over selling the same slice of the pie.

History of copying

Copulations: History of Copying

Copying existed long before digital printing and paved the way for the printing demand we see today.

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Pigs Can Fly – can you really believe everything you read?

Lying and cheating are considered to be socially acceptable means to get to the top—so long as you don’t get caught!

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Two heads are better than one: the Power of Membership

Why should they try to cram time into their already-hectic schedules to join an industry association or other professional organization?