China Printer Manufacturers Make a Splash in Past Month

China Printer Manufacturers Make a Splash in Past Month

China Printer Manufacturers Make a Splash in Past Month

China Printer Manufacturers Make a Splash in Past MonthWhile browsing news on WeChat, the remarkable achievements and movements of Chinese printer manufacturers captured my attention. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Two Chinese Printer Manufacturers Granted New Patents

The China National Intellectual Property Office has granted two new printer patents to Chinese manufacturers.

  • Aisino Corporation, a listed IT company specializing in information security, secured a patent for an anti-counterfeiting image printing method, device and related equipment.

According to the patent summary, Aisino’s innovation involves generating an anti-counterfeiting image by extracting the YMC color map and the K color map and printing them separately. This method ensures high technical precision, clarity, and superior anti-counterfeiting performance.

  • Great Wall Information Co. Ltd. (GWI) was granted a patent for its innovative paper guide nozzle embedded in its printing equipment.

The technique ensures that the paper guide nozzle is firmly installed, enhancing the stability of paper guiding; on the other hand, it realizes the flexible disassembly and assembly of the paper guide nozzle, thereby improving its adaptability.

  1. Intelligent Printing Equipment Project Lays the Foundation Stone

Hannto Technology launched its Intelligent Printing Equipment Project in Huzhou, Zhejiang, with a groundbreaking ceremony last month. Covering a space of 60 acres with a total investment of 800 million yuan, the Project is said to have an annual production capacity of 3 million smart printing devices after completion. After reaching full production, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 3 billion yuan and an annual tax revenue of 60 million yuan.

  1. Printer Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade Project Signed

On May 27, Weihai Hi-Tech Zone and EVA Precision signed the EVA Printer Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade Project.

With a total investment of US$500 million and a registered capital of US$120 million, the project will mainly build facilities for whole machine manufacturing, stamping and injection moulding, unit module assembly, and R&D headquarters, aiming to become an important component of the global printer base.

In addition, the project will build an intelligent production line for printing machines and accessory modules; enhance digitization, intelligence and automation; and promote the construction of a research and development center to create a technology center covering A3 and A4, black&white and color, and realize the complete research and development and manufacturing of various A3 and A4 models.

Industry Growth and Outlook

China’s printer manufacturing sector has been experiencing consistent growth in recent years supported by state policies.

According to Regis Delmontagne’s article written in 2013: There were already over 102,000 printing enterprises [in China] with over 3.5 million employees. Of these enterprises:

  • 47,000 focus on packaging (46% of total) with an output value of 632 billion RMB (72% of total) with a remarkable 20.5% annual growth rate;
  • 6,800 focus on publication printing (6.8% of total), with an output value of 131.3 RMB (15% of total) and a 0.94% annual growth rate;
  • 48,000 focus on other printing markets (47% of total) with an output value of 106.4 RMB (12% of total) and a 15% annual growth rate.

While the global hardcopy peripherals declined in shipment and value in the first quarter of 2024, these advancements made by Chinese printer manufacturers are indeed uplifting.

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