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China’s Long History of Innovation Leadership

China achieved in a decade what it took the British 150 years to accomplish to bring people out of abject poverty—it hasn’t happened by chance.

Targeting Latin America

The three most important markets in Latin America for imaging supplies are still Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, with the latter going through some economic difficulties that may be temporarily distorting some of their consumption values.

Sales Programs, Instant Coffee and Pour Overs

The popularity of pour over coffee is analogous to a successful sales program—what matters is the process, not the tools

Linked In or Missing Out

Not all social media platforms focus on business and not all platforms are visible in every country of the world—but LinkedIn does both.

Women that Make a Difference

With the advances of society, more and more educated women join the workforce, demonstrating they can make a difference.
Intelligent Office Solutions: cartridges workflow and more

Intelligent Office Solutions: cartridges, workflow and more

Intelligent Office Solutions: cartridges, workflow and MPS have been the catchphrase for a decade now as a way to keep customers loyal. What other strategies are available?