Linked In or Missing Out

Steve Bruce rtmworld LinkedIn1. What are the benefits of LinkedIn to those wanting to be better connected?

With almost 600 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s leading B2B networking platform. It is the most effective way to identify and connect with peers and clients in your industry as well as offering an effective platform to promote yourself to your target market as an industry expert and thought leader.

You can easily synchronise your email contacts so that you can keep up to date with what your network is up to and let them know what you are doing. Most people update their LinkedIn profile before they look for a new job and after they have just got a new one and this can create new opportunities for you by contacting them at the right time.

2. For how long and why have you become so passionate and single-focussed about LinkedIn?

I’ve been using LinkedIn myself since it started in 2003 and I’ve been teaching people how to use it since 2011. I make money off the site every day and I’ve made over USD250,000 so far. I wanted to share my knowledge about how to use the site simply because once you know how to use the site properly, it is so easy to promote yourself and generate business.

3. Why do you say current LinkedIn users don’t really know the full potential of the platform?

Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn for USD26bn last year, they have been adding and removing features on an almost daily basis, so it is very hard to keep up with the constant changes – Even I struggle sometimes, and I am on it every day! There are many hidden features that people may not have the time to dig around to discover.

Also, people are very busy these days and may not have the time to invest to play around with the site to discover what it can do – I think that’s why my ‘LinkedIn for Business’ series of workshops are so popular as I explain clearly how to use all the functionality that the site offers.

 4. What three key tasks should every person do today to their LinkedIn profile?

a. Add a professional headshot – this will get you up to 21 times more profile views and present you as an industry professional. You want to be the kind of person that needs a professional headshot because you are expecting to be invited to speak at conferences and interviewed by the media.

b. Create a compelling career summary – This should clearly state what problems you solve for your target client. This will help you to show up in searches better as well.

c. Complete the skills section – This will help you to show up in client and recruiter searches on LinkedIn. You can add up to 50 and they are very good for improving your search engine ranking on Google.

5. Are you able to coach people across the globe on how they can increase their influence and make more money? Or do they need to come to you personally?Top of Form

I work with clients face to face in Hong Kong where I love to be as well as all over the world using SKYPE. It really doesn’t matter where you are located, I can still help you. This year alone I’ve worked with clients in the USA, Australia, China, the UK, Finland and Spain to name just a few.

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