The Future of Office Print

Each year, Keypoint Intelligence surveys companies on different aspects of printing and document management, seeking insight into how document technology ties into their larger company and IT strategies.
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What’s going on in the imaging industry?

Oki will close its Cumbernauld, Scotland manufacturing operations and relocate operations to Asia.

Alf Andersen shares how the interests of the OEMs and the Aftermarket coincide

The US-based coalition of printer OEMs elected Alf Andersen as it new Chairman at its 2018 annual meetings. Andersen is Contract Attorney for Epson. RT ImagingWorld met up with him at the Imaging Supplies Coalition’s (ISC) annual conference in Las Vegas.
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Printing on Wood, Glass, Fabrics, Metal …and Water

Digital printing usually refers to the professional printing of small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources.