Biggest News Stories for November 2020

Biggest News Stories for November 2020

Biggest News Stories for November 2020

A Chinese made printer that can use OEM cartridges; Epson defeated in a High Court appeal; and problems over blue angel eco-labels in Europe

Biggest News Stories for November 2020RT Media published scores of news stories about printers and supplies during November 2020 and the top 10 most clicked on by the global industry have been identified. You can also watch the news broadcast that highlights the top 10 stories in November.

The top 10 imaging news stories the industry clicked on most in November 2020, ranked from No #10 through to the No.#1 story:

Top 3 imaging news stories you clicked on most in September:

Industry Clicks on Biggest News Stories for November 2020Our latest hardcopy magazine is on its way to you too. This edition looks at the SOHO market and working from home.

The front cover features the well known technical guru Enrique Stura working from home in Argentina.

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