HYB Update Toner Testing in Their Labs

HYB Update Toner Testing in Their Labs

HYB Update Toner Testing in Their Labs

HYB Update Toner Testing in Their LabsChina-based HaoYinBao Group (HYB) has set a new toner testing standard for both of its laboratories in Yuzhou, Henan and Zhuhai, Guangdong.

The HYB technical team adopted the new code to ensure consistency and quality will always be met with the company’s expanding range of toners for copiers and laser printers. The code will also instruct HYB technicians to follow proper procedures, environment conditions and frequency to ensure the correct testing pattern in a variety of conditions is met.

“The new measures are an essential part of the ongoing experience developed over a 22-year engagement in the production of copier supplies and spare parts,” said Kim Lee (pictured below), HYB’s international sales manager. “HYB is never satisfied with following existing standards set by other aftermarket players.”

Lee explained the distributors and their customer base are used to OEM products, “The company has never stopped looking to improve its products and has always continued to optimize standardization in every aspect,” Lee added.

HYB team claim they are confident with their most updated standard codes which are helping to propel them to take a leading position in the aftermarket copier product sector.

HYB Update Toner Testing in Their Labs

HYB owns two purpose-designed and built laboratories for the testing of copier imaging supplies and spare parts. The setting of high standards and their continuous improvement has always been the responsibility of the HYB technical department. Lee claimed both laboratories are performing this function well for HYB Quality Control, Research and Development.

“There is an industry perception that the composition of copier toners is much simpler than laser toners,” said Lee. “So the illusion exists that it must be easier to produce copier toner cartridges. As a result, many manufacturers of laser toners have jumped into the copier industry expecting it to be ‘profitable’ and ‘easy’ with ‘low engineering and technical know-how’. Consequently, many have failed.”

HYB Update Toner Testing in Their LabsLee stated that many aftermarket competitors couldn’t provide consistently stable, quality products which have resulted in adding to the cost of service for both distributors as well as their end-user customers.

“For this reason, manufacturers should take some responsibility,” said Lee. “They should be conducting performance testing to measure and compare their products against the OEM.”

HYB claimed it is also not satisfied to simply offer “workable” cartridges but to also consider care for human health. HYB insists on using premium plastic granules that meet environmental standards and do not contain toxic levels of decaBDE or any other harmful chemicals. Lee quoted a recent LGA emission test of eight competitor products purchased through Amazon in Europe which all failed because of the harmful levels of chemical contents (including naphthalene and cobalt) in the toner. “It is the reason why HYB insists on using qualified premium toners that passed LGA emission tests.”

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