HYB Products Listed on Latin America E-Commerce Store

HYB Products Listed on Grand Latin America E-Commerce Store

According to the Latam Sales Manager Omar Moreno, HYB has been invited to list its products on Falabella’s E-Commerce platform.

Falabella is one of the largest and most consolidated companies in Latin America. For more than 100 years, Falabella has offered world-class products to meet customer needs. The high reputation of this E-Commerce platform in Latin America allows them only to deal with premium products, such as HYB.

Products with HYB trademarks have gained great popularity in more than 38 countries through the sales network of their distributors. The E-commerce model gets more and more popular in the past few years and high demand from end-users for premium products with good brand names has driven HYB products to higher exposure.

According to HYB distributor in Brazil, HYB products have been listed in ACF Stores, Mercado Libre, Creative. It is said that transactions made in ACF Stores increased averagely 25-33% every year.

Previously, the company announced the pandemic has been a catalyst to find more effective and efficient means to reach its distributors that are situated in many locations across the globe. It has embarked on producing a series of videos.

“Keeping social distancing between people and travelling abroad to visit customers became impossible this year,” said Kim Lee (pictured below), Sales Director of HYB. “So HYB has prepared videos to introduce selected products on YouTube and Instagram (hybtoner).



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