HYB Responds to Russian Toner Win Vincent Chen HYB rtmworld

HYB Responds to Russian Toner Win

HYB Responds to Russian Toner Win

HYB Responds to Russian Toner Win Vincent Chen HYB rtmworldHYB has been the first company to respond to the announcement it was one of three winners of the best quality toners used in remanufactured printer cartridges in Russia.

All three winning aftermarket toners were developed in Japan, but the suppliers and distributors are from Spain, Germany and China. The three companies were IMEX, MK Imaging and Daiken Chemicals.

“We are humbled and honored to be among the three best toners as judged by the AQCMS and Business Inform,” said Vincent Chen (pictured) the president of China-based Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co. (HYB).

“Many people may not realise that HYB has been working closely with Japanese toner makers such as Daiken Chemicals to produce their own formulations in Japan,” Chen explained. HYB is the second Chinese company to establish a toner plant in Japan. “Our customers want toners that are equivalent to genuine toner performance,” Chen continued. He said that HYB had been an authorized channel for global distributors looking for bulk toners. However, HYB is now developing its own exclusive formulations in order to satisfy its customers’ demands.

“We are the only Chinese company to be selected by the Russian authorities that performed the tests in accordance with the new Russian Standardized LEM 2.01.19 method,” Chen said. “This is a big encouragement to us as we continue to invest in the development of toners at the Japanese plant.”

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