Cartridge World Cuts Red Tape for Remote Workers

Cartridge World Cuts Red Tape for Remote Workers

Cartridge World Cuts Red Tape for Remote Workers

Cartridge World Cuts Red Tape for Remote WorkersCartridge World France has launched a complete game-changer for Small-to-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) and those having to work remotely from their main offices.

Following a successful launch in the UK in April, Paul Callow (pictured) has spearheaded a similar program to help businesses in France spend less on printing.

CW Absolu! is a completely new, hassle-free, fixed price monthly agreement for printers and consumables starting at 35€ (plus VAT). It is only available from one of the 55 Cartridge World stores in France and Callow claims it is the perfect solution for those working remotely, such as in a home office.

“With more people working at home, this is an ideal solution for them and their employers,” Callow told RT Media.

Callow explained, “The one low price includes brand new single- or multi-function printer, printer cartridges, on-site service and warranty, empty cartridge collection and recycling programme, pre-delivery inspection and testing and free delivery.”

The one-page, no lease, fixed monthly plan can be completed in just two minutes and is available from any Cartridge World store in France or via the Cartridge World France website.

“The unique monthly agreement works virtually the same way as a mobile phone contract,” Callow added. “A range of packages is available to suit the various needs small and medium businesses might have.”

Cartridge World Cuts Red Tape for Remote Workers

Callow has worked with OEMs previously including Lexmark and Brother and knows how to make it easy for those trying to work from home in the “new normal” to manage their printing needs.

Callow asserts there is a fixed price with no hidden charges and the contract may be cancelled at any time with only 90 days notice.

According to Callow, the streamlining, “no red tape” process also removes a lot of paperwork and other related headaches. “We can cut out the need for a finance company which means there is no need for a finance lease and no credit checks required.”

Red Tape Cut for Printers Used Remotely at HomeFollowing the successful launch in the UK in April, and this launch with Cartridge World in France in September, Callow said there would undoubtedly be others interested in developing a similar model in other regions around the world.

We have finally nailed the holy grail of MPS contracts!” Callow exclaimed. “Others are going to want to provide a similar easy-to-manage service as well.

It could be a brand new business opportunity or a ‘bolt-on’ service to an existing business,” he explained.


Paul Callow can be contacted on LinkedIn, by email or by phone: +44 (0)1628-947988 or +44 (0) 7584-689164

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