Print-Rite Pelikan Paris Office Closure Explained rtmworld

Print-Rite Pelikan Paris Office Closure Explained

Print-Rite Pelikan Paris Office Closure Explained

Print-Rite Pelikan Paris Office Closure Explained rtmworldWith the closure of its Paris based office, Print-Rite Pelikan Solutions will support its customers in the region directly from the European mainland or UK offices.

In a statement issued on June 8, Print-Rite Pelikan Solutions (PRPS) says its operations in Europe are having to adapt to market changes to better serve its customers faster and more efficiently.

The regional office located in Hanover Germany and the central headquarters location in Nottingham UK are well-positioned to handle the operations to meet the growing demand for PRPS products. “Customers in France will be contacted individually and informed of new contact details and order placement processes.”

UK-based originally broke the news on June 4, 2020, that Print-Rite Pelikan has closed its French unit. “The French subsidiary of aftermarket imaging supplies manufacturer Print-Rite Pelikan (PRP) has been put into liquidation,” Andy Braithwaite, News Editor at OPI told RT Media.

Braithwaite added, “Official documents filed with the French authorities show that PRP Solutions went into liquidation on 22 May after applying for creditor protection (cessation de paiements) in February of this year.”

Pelikan Bio-based Printer Cartridge Sizzle Steve Weedon rtmworld

Print-Rite Pelikan has enjoyed a lot of positive press coverage in recent times with the appointment of Steve Weedon (pictured) as the Chief Executive Officer at Print-Rite Europe Ltd, Print-Rite Pelikan Germany, Print-Rite Pelikan France. The company has also successfully launched a new range of bio-based new-build printer cartridges that are not patent infringing and can be remanufactured.

“The Print-Rite Group are recognized as the leading industry innovators,” Weedon said. “The group holds 3,000 plus patents and has won numerous industry awards over the last 39 years.”

In his TV interview with RT Media’s David Gibbons, Weedon said 39 years ago, Print-Rite were the pioneers in remanufacturing and since that time has spearheaded the production of patent-safe compatible technologies, ink, copier, ribbons, OPC sand other imaging supplies.

In 2017, the Print-Rite Group acquired a 30-year license for use of the Pelikan brand for printing consumables. “This brand is instantly recognized by global end-users and is re-known for reliability, dependability and trustworthiness. It was established in 1838 and this year it becomes 182 years old. It’s an automatic alternative to OEM originals, ” Weedon said.

Bio-based toner cartridges are the newest innovation from Print-Rite Pelikan. Simply the best environmentally friendly toner cartridges available for those wanting to reduce CO2 footprint.

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