HYB Turns to Video to Inform Distributors and Dealers

HYB Turns to Video to Inform Distributors and Dealers

HYB Turns to Video to Inform Distributors and Dealers

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the imaging supplies industry has had to seek safe, social distancing methods to reach its customers.

According to China-based HYB (HK HaoYinBao Group Co., Ltd), the pandemic has been a catalyst to find more effective and efficient means to reach its distributors that are situated in many locations across the globe. It has embarked on producing a series of videos.

“Keeping social distancing between people and travelling abroad to visit customers became impossible this year,” said Kim Lee (pictured below), Sales Director of HYB. “So HYB has prepared videos to introduce selected products on YouTube and Instagram (hybtoner).

HYB pointed out its videos were not made to promote their products to end-users. This is because HYB’s customer base is distributors and importers who concentrate on copier products and supplying premium HYB parts and supplies. There are also dealers who are used to OEM-quality products.

For this reason, HYB focusses on introducing its HYB technical team and QA professionals to implement their own processes and material control to reach the consistency of different batches with their own standards.

The videos remind distributors to review their loss in technical service and cost-per-copy having used poor quality supplies. Aftermarket consumables made by unprofessional suppliers have caused many problems for distributors. They have had to review their strategy and not just factor on price alone.

HYB Turns to Video to Inform Distributors and DealersInternational Development Manager Andres Rubio (pictured), along with LATAM sales manager Omar Moreno (also pictured below), has teamed up with other HYB sales professionals to prepare the videos which will help customers identify the benefits of using HYB products.

Rubio, who joined HYB in July, is based in Montreal, Canada and has more than 8 years of experience in the industry with two leading North American aftermarket manufacturers. He has been dealing with some accounts that are already experiencing satisfaction with products made by HYB.

HYB Turns to Video to Inform Distributors and Dealers“Taking the time to produce NPD (New Product Development) enables HYB to release a series of new products which were approved by their laboratory as well as our customers,” Lee said.  “This includes our new ozone filters, a new version of the service vacuum, Ricoh drum units, as well as toner cartridges for devices including Konica Minolta, Xerox and Canon.”

Lee adds the videos introduce the details, rather than data and technical specification disclosed to the customers. “It will be a way to make a better approach to customers who get used to receiving lots of mailshots from different suppliers while few of them ever provide the details and differences of products,” said Lee.

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