5 Star HYB Employees Add Value to Customers

5 Star HYB Employees Add Value to Customers

5 Star HYB Employees Add Value to Customers

5 Star HYB Employees Add Value to CustomersChina-based HaoYinBao Group Co., Ltd (HYB) has honored two of its employees for making an outstanding contribution to HYB’s customers.

Mr YanLong Yang (pictured, right) and Mr YiChiang Lee (pictured, left)were each presented with a “5 Star Employee” award in September 2020, the highest award offered by HYB to its staff. Yang is responsible for process control and Lee is responsible for inventory management.

“HYB’s success relies upon the contribution of its talented employees,” said Kim Lee (pictured below), Sales Director of HYB. “So we will cherish the outstanding performance of employees like Mr Yang and Mr Lee who actively maintain the consistency of our products at a premium quality level.” He added that employees like this help to maintain a robust system that impacts and is maintained by the whole team.

Those who receive a “5 Star Employee” award display the following characteristics:

  • actively perform in process control, tooling calibration, and inspection;
  • consistently maintain a pattern of work performance demonstrating innovation and/or outstanding support to other departments;
  • willingly adheres to department and company policies and procedures;
  • provides timely service to other departments in every situation;
  • consistently contributes ideas, in an effort to improve working procedures and minimization of mistake.

Lee told RT Media, “We would like our customers to be aware that our team members all bear a common attitude to perform the best in their job and to make sure goods produced by HYB are valued and delivered to our customers with utmost care.”

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