Printwell Powers Ahead Following Successful First Year

Printwell Powers Ahead Following Successful First Year

Printwell Powers Ahead Following Successful First Year

Printwell Powers Ahead Following Successful First Year

Having opened only just over 12 months ago in September 2019, Dinglong Printwell Technology (Printwell) has moved quickly to position itself as a provider of choice for buyers looking for inkjet cartridge products.

The new 6,000 sqm plant is now manufacturing three million new-build inkjet cartridges per month at its Zhuhai plant to meet this global demand.

“We are still adjusting the production numbers to meet the demand,” said Qingsong Yu (pictured), factory manager. “We now have automated production lines and we are able to increase our capacity as these settle in.”

Printwell Powers Ahead Following Successful First YearAccording to Yu, the Dinglong Group principle is ‘Efficiency First’ and even though Printwell has been fitted out with automated equipment for stable production and packaging, it is looking for smarter technology. “In our next stage, which is now underway, we will use intelligent solutions in the factory to make sure we are manufacturing what is needed when it is needed to be more efficient in meeting customer demands.”

The current building only takes a portion of the land that is available on site. When RT Media visited the site it was obvious that earthworks were commencing to meet future growth needs, including office space for other companies within the Dinglong Group needing a presence in Zhuhai.

Printwell Powers Ahead Following Successful First Year“One reason for our rapid growth,” said Yu, “is the support we get from other parts of the family.”We enjoy the support from parent and sister companies to provide the injection moldings, the chips as well as other key materials We are part of a mature, reliable vertical industry chain within the DingLong Group.”

On the inkjet side, the chain includes remanufactured inkjet cartridges supplied by TopColor and Speed. Chipjet focuses upon the research and development of aftermarket chips for both inkjet and toner cartridges. Dinglong Chemical is the toner manufacturer with ReTech and Mito focussing on both newbuild and remanufactured cartridges in both monochrome and color.

According to Paul Dong (pictured top of page), sales director, Printwell is providing a real choice for international as well as domestic buyers. “We are enjoying a win-win cooperation with global partners and customers who wanted an alternative source for consistent quality inkjet cartridges,” he said. “This means we need to develop our own patented technologies to ensure we respect the OEM intellectual property rights.”

Printwell Powers Ahead Following Successful First YearTo this end, the research and development team (pictured) consist of 12 people experienced in the compatible inkjet cartridges field. Because they fully understand inkjet cartridge structure and design theory their engineering pursuits are not about copying but for innovation. “We studied the 950/951 series models, for example, using a totally different roadmap,” said Dong.

“Our team created a new design solution to better balance the inner structure air pressure which helped to solve the fluid flow under different pressure conditions. It is quite a new concept in products technology innovation.”

“It’s all about giving choice,” Dong said. “We are delivering a choice.”



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