Static Control Hosts Seminar in Minsk, Belarus

Static Control’s most recent seminar held in Minsk, Belarus saw an attendance of 52 people from 34 companies. The seminar included seven presentations and three technical demonstrations, covering popular topics such as the recently launched ink jet range, Color Control Replacement Imaging Systems and the expansive Kyocera® product line. With enthusiasm, attendees raised technical questions and received answers on cartridge basics, fault finding as well as general technical support issues.

Andrei Adamovich, Static Control’s Sales Executive for Eastern Europe, was pleased that the day’s program was well received. He said, “Many of our customers have discovered new paths of opportunity today through this seminar. Seeing hands-on demonstrations, such as our ink jet page yield demonstration which showed a 39% increase in our system versus the OEM yield, provides a real-world market advantage that is best seen in person.”

Senior Sales Manager of Arad-M-Import Sergei Budaev appreciated the information presented at the seminar. “This has given us the tools we need to increase the level of service and support we deliver to the Belarusian remanufacturers. Static Control has shared with us in-depth information about new and key products, the latest industry updates, as well as the benefits of using IP-safe products from the industry leader. The technical demonstrations have also helped technicians to understand the quality issues which can be avoided by using high quality components and correct techniques. Thanks to Static Control, Belarusian remanufacturers have been given an opportunity to gain profitable new business as well as develop the existing business.”

Andrei Zayac, the Owner of CZK, Ltd., also showed satisfaction with the benefits of the event. “This was the second time I have attended a Static Control seminar and again, I have gained a new understanding of the industry and the vision to pursue new opportunities. I would like thank Static Control for sharing their extensive knowledge and experience in the area of remanufacturing, sales techniques and much more. I am looking forward to the next seminar to open up even more industry opportunities.”

Svetlana Maksimenko, General Sales Manager of White Cartridge, stated, “This seminar helped to educate customers about the many advantages of Static Control and opened many eyes regarding industry trends. We are confident that Static Control’s products will prove to be popular in our market and lead to opportunities for new business.”

The organizer revealed that the next seminar will be held September 4 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


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