Print-Rite Highlights Its PR-2 Gear

Print-Rite believes its PR-2 gear can be a great solution to the aftermarket industry.

US International Trade Commission (ITC) recently issued a notice about certain toner supply containers and components thereof DN 3070. Print-Rite suspects there will be a GEO of Canon “dongle gear” investigation (No.337-918) issued by ITC in September 2015. Also, it claims its PR2 gear can be expected as a lifeline to the industry and can be used in both newly built and remanufactured cartridges.

According to Print-Rite, the key innovation is “the coupling member of PR-2, in engagement or disengagement with the printer drive shaft, does not have any inclination”.

“PR2 gear used in the HP CE 505, HP CF 280, or HP CE 255 range provides our clients with a perfect solution for staying clear out of the patent issue,” explained the Head of R&D at Print-Rite. “Technically each projection has a uniform radial length.  This means each projection is at an equal distance at two positions for PR-2 gear to engage with printer driving shaft.  This is also a by-product of our teamwork and innovation.”



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