Zoltan Matyas Quits GM Technology for New Opportunities

Zoltan Matyas Quits GM Technology for New Opportunities

Zotan Matyas rtmworld digital social mediaIndustry veteran Zoltan Matyas (pictured) has resigned from GM Technology after leading the export sales team for more than 3 years.

“It’s been a remarkable 3.5 years building and leading the International Sales Department at GM Technology. GM is a fantastic company with exceptional people. As much as I’ve enjoyed this fantastic journey, the entrepreneur inside me is calling for a new challenge. That’s why I’ve decided to transition from my role at GM Technology and embark on a brand-new venture,” said Matyas.

With over 20 years of experience in international B2B leadership roles in sales and marketing, Matyas founded Zynapses Consulting & Coaching Agency to help customers navigate the complexities of today’s AI-driven, globalized markets.

His agency specializes in guiding leaders and assisting organizations in expanding internationally, optimizing B2B partnerships, and leveraging advanced technologies like AI and CRM for business excellence.

“I offer a range of services, including strategic consulting, executive and leadership coaching, workshops, and public speaking engagements,” said Matyas.

Matyas revealed that his methodology combines modern business strategy with insights from technology, data, and AI, all enriched by neurocommunication, coaching, and contemporary leadership techniques.

Previously, Matyas talked about the three biggest issues confronting the imaging industry in Europe at this time through an interview with David Gibbons.



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