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HYB Highlights for RemaxWorld Expo 2019

HYB Highlights for RemaxWorld Expo 2019

HYB is known for their own Research and Development that is strong enough to develop the most suitable formula of toner suits for different applications. Thanks to the supports from their Global suppliers who provide up-to-date submission of formulas from their development, HYB Development Team is always able to receive the latest toner samples for use in A3/A4 copier machines launched in the market.

HYB Highlights for RemaxWorld rtmworldNowadays, the demand of the After Market has been diversified into different sectors. A group of customers are looking for premium quality to replace the Original Toner. Another Group of customers are always looking for universal formula that is useful for many different machines while some others pay great attention to the life of spare parts in the machines and have their preference to use dedicated toner into specific machine.

There is always a balance to quality and cost so we have found that it’s important to recommend different types of toner to different kinds of customers with a premise of telling them that cheaper toner always come with a sacrifices of quality. Some issues may not appear right away but in a long term the customers will pay for their bill on their service cost, which will cut down their profit in a long run.

technology rtmworld6 different group of toner ranked according to their characteristic and enable different customers to select the toner as per their application based on knowing all the risk and advantages. “HaoYinBao is an insider of the business, they manufacture their own Black and White toner as well as importing a massive quantity of bulk toner from different manufacturers and combine the advantages of different formula to reach a perfect balance of cost saving with consistent quality, we are proud to be a member of HYB Technical Department where the most advancing testing equipment, complete range of machines and testers are set up.” Said Mr. Gu, the Operation Manager in Technical Department of HYB.

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