Industry Clicks on Biggest News Stories for September 2020

Industry Clicks on Biggest News Stories for September 2020

Industry Clicks on Biggest News Stories for September 2020

Which OEM has become a casualty to COVID? G&G launches its own printer brand; and Canon takes on Ninestar. These are among the top 10 printer and imaging supplies stories this month.

Industry Clicks on Biggest News Stories for September 2020RT Media published 82 news stories about printers and supplies during September 2020 and the top 10 most clicked on by the global industry have been identified. You can also watch the news broadcast that highlights the top 10 stories in September. The top 10 imaging news stories the industry clicked on most in September 2020, ranked from No #10 through to the No.#1 story:

Top 3 imaging news stories you clicked on most in September:

  • Ninestar’s G&G brand launched its own brand of printers in September.
    • The company claimed it is the first aftermarket brand to provide devices as well as consumables and supplies for the global market;
    • The Ninestar group includes Pantum and Lexmark printers so G&G has the experience of these printing brands to draw upon;
    • Ninestar’s new 600,000 square meter hi-tech printer park investment into printer production is expected to have an annual output of 2 million printer units including G&G’s own branded devices.
  • OKI-branded printer hardware will no longer be distributed in the Americas market.
    • OKI Data Americas blamed the significant downturn in sales on the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • All LED-based single and multifunction, as well as dot-matrix printer hardware is impacted from March 31 next year.
  • Canon chose September 17 as the date it sued Ninestar for allegedly infringing its patents in America.
    • This fresh complaint was filed with the US District Court for the Central District of California;
    • It’s being seen by industry leaders as a distraction tactic on the part of Canon;
    • Canon was supposed to have lodged an appeal that same date September 17 with the Supreme Court over another case involving Ninestar and other aftermarket companies;
    • But it quietly withdrew from that case allowing the aftermarket to enjoy that win;
    • Canon has also chosen to pursue this new complaint over a product that has extremely low market share and over a product that Ninestar has had a patented workaround solution for two years;
    • There are many other questions being asked about the manner in which Canon is pursuing this complaint which are at odds with how it has filed its complaints in the past;
    • There’s much more about this story on our website.

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