Static Control - Congratulations on Achieving 35 years

Static Control – Congratulations on Achieving 35 years

Static Control – Congratulations on Achieving 35 years

Static Control - Congratulations on Achieving 35 years

David Gibbons at his startup printer cartridge remanufacturing business in 1994

I started my printer cartridge remanufacturing business in Sydney, Australia 31 years ago. It was a small start-up business I ran from my garage.

I was desperate for help and support, and right from the outset, Static Control was there. It was also true for tens of thousands of small cartridge remanufacturers around the world. We collectively owe our success to Static Control.

Our industry came under threat from the printer OEMs that would do anything to recapture a monopoly business. Why? Because my small business and thousands like it were providing consumers with a choice.

Static Control was there at each turn, innovatively providing new solutions to keep my business going. I remember thinking in the late 1990s that it would be the end of the road when the OEMs introduced printer chips to the cartridges. They were killer chips. That’s what we called them because they locked out aftermarket cartridges from working in our customers’ printers.

However, Static Control invested heavily to provide, develop and manufacture the chips we needed. And the industry thrived. It also had our backs as the printer OEMs threw lawsuits at us in a quest to capture our share of the market.

Our industry owes a huge debt to the investment made by Static Control. That’s why we have devoted this entire issue of the magazine to sharing their story with you.

Thank you, Static Control, for being there every day I ran my business. Congratulations on achieving 35 years. We collectively salute you.

Static Control was featured in the RT ImagingWorld magazine which is available for free online.

David Gibbons has 46 years of experience, knowledge and skills in business (management, consultancy, strategic planning) and communication (teaching, event management, fundraising, journalism, broadcasting and new/digital media—social, website, app development). He started and ran a successful cartridge remanufacturing business in Sydney and was also the Executive Officer of the Australasian Cartridge Remanufacturers’ Association for 7 years.

In 2011, Gibbons relocated to RT Media in Zhuhai, China where he has been a director responsible for strategic planning, senior management, event planning, marketing, broadcasting and magazine publishing on behalf of the global imaging supplies industry. He is certainly aware of the challenges of remanufacturing in China.

His other blogs include:

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