Time to Call out HP Over its False Chip Claims

Time to Call out HP Over its False Chip Claims

Time to Call out HP Over its False Chip Claims

Time to Call out HP Over its False Chip ClaimsIs it time to call, Bu!!$#!T on the HP Chip Security Theater?

It seems very convenient that HP‘s security concerns are so tightly connected to its supply business.

Unfortunately, HP is currently experiencing the wrath of what I believe results from numerous bad decisions. We are all witnessing the evaporation in their stock price as investors question HP’s future.

I find it interesting that during the supply and chip shortage crisis in 2021- and early 2022, we saw another OEM, Canon Inc. discussing how end users could bypass DRM chip sensor technology in-order to use non-OEM supplies.

During those discussions, chips never came up as security enhancements or risks. Resellers have used non-OEM toner in A3 print equipment, all with chips, for over two decades. Never was security an issue.

If HP has so much trouble protecting its print hardware from chips on third-party ink and toner, I wonder what the security risk is with all its other technologies.

What about all the chips in the HP Poly communication equipment? What about the HP Samsung equipment? Where do those chips come from? What about the HP gaming PCs, the chips used in those technologies, and all the accessories gamers use? What about the chips in the HP Notebooks and the accessories users connect to them? What about HPs 3D equipment? Any concerns about those chips? What about the HP augmented reality equipment and security concerns with those chips?

I think HP is highly desperate to maintain its supply business revenues. So as the world continues to print less, I believe HP will ramp up what I call its hostage-selling tactics, which include what many call Firmware Ransomware! and Security Theater!

Unfortunately, most of the industry’s analysts won’t question HP, as we all saw the nonsense reported regarding the HP Amplify roadshow! Nearly all the reports resembled an HP brochure.

I think HP has excellent marketing, and they will use that marketing to scare one into what benefits HP. But, unfortunately, the end-users’ experiences have always seemed far down the line to HP’s priorities.

With all the technology equipment HP sells, I can’t be the only one asking, why are HP’s security concerns only regarding Ink and Toner?

I am a great advocate for all technology users to empower themselves with cyber security awareness, software tools, and expertise to manage their technology infrastructures, whether those infrastructures exist in the home office of a solopreneur, the remote office, or their corporate offices. However, those taking advantage of buyers through security theater are more of a threat as buyers will question their greed over reality.

See you on #theendofthedaywithray!

I will remind you, as I always do as I wind up, that status quo is the killer of all that will be invented. Don’t get stuck in the status quo.

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