The Scary and the Scared

The Scary and the Scared

The Scary and the Scared

The Scary and the ScaredDuring disruptions, the scary side is better than the “scared side.”

Any industry going through a disruption based on evolutionary changes must accept that its journey to maintain relevance will be a scary road.

However, the traveller has two choices. They can choose to be stuck in the status quo, too scared to fight, or they can choose to scare others by facing and addressing the realities for needed change.

The status quo can only fight its shadows; they don’t have the muster to fight reality. But, unfortunately, their shadows will fade as the lights go out on all they held sacred, and the status quo will find themselves congregated in the darkness of complacency.

Being scared is not an excuse to coil into complacency. Instead, one should pull energy from what scares them and use that energy to become what scares the complacent.

In reality, those seeking progress will always scare those wishing to remain in the comfort of complacency. But, sadly, those fighting to remain comfortable often fool themselves that what’s comfortable is also relevant.

Remember, being scared is only the first step toward the unknown. Those who can look into what they fear will quickly discover that fear can be defeated. However, remember, during the battle to conquer fear, you will scare the hell out of those remaining status quo.

So, now go scare the complacent by turning off the light, confusing them as they fight their shadows.

Happy Halloween!

I will remind you, as I always do as I wind up, that status quo is the killer of all that will be invented. Don’t get stuck in the status quo.

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