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Online Orders Speedily Delivered – Berto cannot believe it

Online Orders Speedily Delivered – Berto cannot believe it

On-demand delivery platforms leverage thousands of part-time local delivery people to bring products to customers immediately — or as the name goes, on-demand. The Upshot: On-demand delivery is the immediate or scheduled delivery of your product to your customer; initiated immediately after they make their order.

Consumer expectations have changed dramatically in recent years, and customer loyalty is at an all-time low. People will simply seek out not only the best deal but also the most satisfying customer experience, so online retailers must do everything they can to remain competitive. Delivery service has a huge impact on the overall e-commerce customer experience.

According to Hayley Silver, Vice President of Bizrate Insights at Connexity: “As the demand for faster shipping intensifies, companies such as UPS and FedEx are raising their rates and the courier landscape is becoming more competitive with new sharing economy delivery services. Retailers will be increasingly challenged to provide quick, cost-effective, reliable and secure delivery solutions.”

Of those buyers who have used same-day delivery in the past 12 months (10% of all online shoppers), 50% say they used the service because they needed the order immediately, while 29% did so because it was free-of-charge.

While same-day delivery is important to some, the consensus across the board is that cost is the biggest deciding factor. 74% of all online shoppers say their primary consideration is delivery cost.

Mobile Printing on the Run Berto cartoon rtmworldBerto #58: December 5, 2017: Online Orders Speedily Delivered – Berto cannot believe it

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