Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter – Unismart 3 from Apex

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter – Unismart 3 from Apex

Having the ability to reuse a cartridge chip goes to the core of recycling and remanufacturing. Of equal importance is the opportunity it gives the Aftermarket to provide solutions for consumers looking for an alternative cartridge to the OEM.

According to Recycling Times Magazine readers, the Unismart 3 is one of the star products released by Apex during 2017. It is a newly-designed chip resetting device with new functions added since the previous model. According to Apex, Unismart is the only chip resetting device on the market that is able to reset more than 4,000 different types of chips. Indeed, it’s a tiny and powerful device.

After taking a first look at it during the 2017 RemaxWorld Expo, we finally were given a sample for testing. So what is inside the box?


1.  Apex has used thick, recycled cardboard on the outer packaging. Apart from being rigid and compact, a handle is provided making it convenient for continual use in the workplace even after it is first opened. The compact size should make it more affordable for shipping to international destinations.

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

2.  The design used on the outer packaging is smart, attractive and environmentally friendly. The green pattern conveys the product’s key concept of reuse, reduce and recycle.

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

3.  Both sides of the box clearly indicate the 8 parts you will find inside

(1)Unismart MainBody



(4)Jig Connector (for Unismart3)

(5)Jig Connector (for Unismart2)




Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

4.  The bottom of the packing indicates the features of the Unismart 3. We noted the device adopts the Android operating system, supports wireless connection and is equipped with touchscreen technology. In our view, this compact, rigid packaging will attract attention through its excellent design and rich information.


5.  The Unismart 3 and its accessories are well protected with shock-absorbing material that surrounds the device.

6.  Everything is sorted and neatly placed for quick access.

7.  Apex can be justifiably proud of the Unismart Box. They introduced this new device during RemaxWorld Expo and highlighted the 5-INCH CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN which is set an angle of 45 degrees. The design of the main body has been improved when compared with the previous version. The silvery, metallic-looking from gives it a modern and stylish finish.

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

8.  In addition to being equipped with the touchscreen, the Unismart 3 has kept the physical buttons as shortcut keys. It is convenient for users who have a heavy, frequent or daily need to operate the device.

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

9.  The back of the Unismart box reveals several interface choices for external connections providing a flexible solution for users wanting to connect with other devices. You can use a standard cable, USB-B or USB-A connectors.

10.  There are two different built-in jig connectors on the body which support both generation 2 and generation 3 devices respectively. The Unismart 3 is compatible with the old generation which is good news for those who are currently using Unismart 2. Existing users can continue to use the old version jig and connectors after they upgrade to the new system. It is very considerate of Apex to provide two different kinds of data cables in the Unismart 3 packaging.

11.  The jig controller is light-weight and has a frosted surface allowing users to hold it easily and comfortably during daily operations.

12.  Apex supplies a jig controller that can be paired up with SIX different jigs, each to be used separately with the different types of chips. According to Apex’s official information, the company can tailor-make various types of jig for different markets as per their client’s requests. Apex claims it can provide up to six different jigs for its customers.

13.  Each jig looks different from the others. This RF Jig, for example, is specially made to reset RF chips.

14.  The jig can be easily assembled into the holder. There is a groove design on both parts to ensure the user fits the tools together correctly.

15.  Push the jig into the controller.

16.  There is a “clicking” sound to show that both parts have been buckled together correctly and are ready for use.

17.  Apex has added an anti-slip design to both sides of the jig for better grip


Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

18.  Identify the chip

19.  Start the resetting process.

20.  A message at the bottom of the screen: “Operation succeeded” informs the user that the chip has been reset successfully.

Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter rtmworld

21.  Install the cartridge containing the reset chip back into the printer.

22.  You will find that the cartridge will work correctly.

Scan this QR code to access the unboxing process video.








Unboxing the Latest Chip Resetter: More information about Unismart 3 please refer to unismart3.apexmic.com


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