Top 30 Tips for Great Digital Marketing

Top 30 Tips for Great Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the art of promoting your brand, using strategies like websites, social media, forums, podcasts, videos, and more. Whatever digital marketing plan you choose, it should be able to:digital marketing plan

  1. Convey your brand’s vision or mission statement, i.e. what you are trying to tell the public;
  2. Position your brand as a leading authority in your niche;
  3. Provide a medium for your existing customers to connect with you
  4. Deliver a unique customer experience for your audience with your brand online

So here are my Top 30 Tips to achieve the above goals:

  1. Define your audience. Do this by understanding your existing customers, or by spying on your competition;
  2. Go further into understanding your audience by defining your customer personas. Buyer personas can help in content planning as well;
  3. Delve into data analytics. E.g. find the best times to post on Facebook using Insights. Twitter Analytics also helps for Twitter posts;
  4. Never assume your website visitor knows how to navigate across your website. Define a clear path for them to browse your website using “call-to-action” buttons;
  5. Steer clear of duplicated or plagiarized content. The repercussions are too nasty to deal with;
  6. Check your website performance every 3 months to make sure all is well. Tools like Google Analytics (GA), Google Search Console (GSC), and GTMetrix will help;
  7. Use the Pingdom tool to maintain short loading times of your web pages. Usually code “minification” and image compression helps;
  8. Don’t copy and paste across your social media channels. Same message, different content, yields better results;
  9. Customize your content as per the social media channel you are posting to. What works on Facebook won’t necessarily have the same success on Twitter, unless it’s customized;
  10. Tell a story on Facebook;
  11. Use animated GIFs on Twitter;
  12. Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram;
  13. Keep it professional on LinkedIn;
  14. Use rich media whenever you are sharing media;
  15. Find free rich media on, Adobe, etc;
  16. Longer posts work on LinkedIn and Google+;
  17. To make an impact on social media, keep it as compact as you can;
  18. Selling a product? Tweet new pictures of the product from a different angle;
  19. Easy video idea: create a short video of your product being unboxed;
  20. Answer on Quora;
  21. Find questions related to your brand or product on Reddit, and join the conversation;
  22. Build a strong email list by offering relevant lead magnets. E.g. in your website, ask for email address in return for a time-bound discount coupon for your product;
  23. Use landing pages for your active offers;
  24. Use Google Posts via Google My Business to promote your products;
  25. Tag influencers in your online posts. Email the influencers so they can tag you back;
  26. Set up a referral program;
  27. Set up a loyalty program;
  28. Ask for reviews, RTs, likes, shares and more
  29. Listen to Google – fix any issues that pop up on GA or GSC;
  30. Whatever you do, make sure it’s mobile-friendly.

PRO-TIP: If you don’t enjoy your content, don’t make it public. You don’t have to have a website. Talk in a podcast, produce a video, or write an eBook and make it big online. Pick one or more strategies that you will enjoy making.

Over to you..

That’s all it takes to make your digital marketing more effective. Are you already doing these? How’s it going for you? Share with me!


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