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Top 5 Website Elements to Get a Better ROI

As business owners, we have to be on our toes to combat the world of extreme competition. At the same time, we need to provide unique customer experiences to encourage brand loyalty and customer retention. So how exactly can business owners achieve this?

The answer lies in your website.

Website Elements to Get a Better ROI rtmworld

You can stand out from your competition while making sales by incorporating these top 5 elements in your website for a better return on investment (ROI):

Unique Value Proposition – UVP

Why should someone do business with you? No, it’s not because you need the money, although that’s a good motivation, right?

Let’s look at two examples: The UVP for AirBnb is “Experience a city like a local.” For Dropbox, it’s “Securely share, sync, and collaborate.” These are unique UVPs that tell you very clearly what the business is about, how it’s different from the competition, and most importantly, how it benefits you, the consumer. So what’s your UVP? Write it down now.

Clear Navigation

Never assume a browser will know where to go next on your website’s homepage. Set up a clear path for the browser to follow with an explicit call to actions (defined later on).

Don’t let your browser guess what to do on your website. That person is most likely to hit the “Back” button and browse one of your competitor’s websites instead. The best practice here would be to include links to your homepage, blog, about, business pages, and most importantly, contact pages on the top as well as the footer of your website.

Visible Contact Information

People can browse websites for hours, but when they are ready to make a decision about investing their hard-earned money, most will prefer to speak or chat with a real person from the business. So have your contact information visible on your website at all times—on the top menu, the footer menu, social links, and so on.

Having all your contact information available at a single glance will ensure you’re not missing out on anyone trying to get in touch with you.

Explicit Call to Action (CTA)

As mentioned above, define a clear user journey on your website using an explicit call to action (CTA) links and buttons. For example, if you want the browser to read your blog posts after browsing your homepage, add a nice, attractive and colorful CTA button that says, “Read our Blog” on your homepage. And so on. It’s up to you to help them “plan their journey” on your website, but be explicit.

Mobile Readiness

If your website is not loading properly on your mobile device, and within seconds, browsers will simply move on to your competitor’s website (provided they are doing a better job of it!)

Your website can boast the best design in the galaxy with content crafted by the greatest wordsmiths in the universe, but it could still be a “dud” if you haven’t prepped it for mobile devices.

It takes one form submission, one phone call, one email, or just one message on social media to convert a browser into a customer. These top 5 elements listed above should ensure such will be the case when implemented correctly.

There are, of course, many more elements including success stories, case studies, testimonials, blogs, website analytics, etc. which you can add to your website to bolster your ROI further. However, as beginners, this is a good starting point.

There is much more to Digital Marketing than just creating websites, so look out for my next article—How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business from Scratch—where I will show you how to select and implement the right digital marketing strategies that fit your business needs and boost your business.


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